Zeta handlebar bent after one crash in sand

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mastamax, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I replaced my klx250 stock handlebar for a zeta aluminium bar (can't remember the exact model). After one crash in hard sand while cornering at slow speed the handlebar seems bent on the left.

    Could it be that it is not the handlebar that is bent but the symetry of the front shocks or so? It's hard to see, but I definitely feel it when I ride and even more when I land a jump, the wheel is not straight.

    Is it normal for a handlebar to bend after each crash, even not hard (as proof the brake lever didn't break nor bend).

    What are your experiences with different brands? Any better than others?

  2. Be sure the bars are straight first.
    To check the bars are straight, place a straight edge on the tip of each bar and then measure from the straight edge to the beginning of the various radius points at each side of the bars. The measurements should be equal.
    After doing this and If you can't find or can't see a distinct bend in the bars then it is possible your top triple clamp has moved out of alignment with the lower triple clamp. The top triple clamp nut may be slightly too loose and have allowed the clamp to twist.

    This will give the impression of a bent handle bar and the front wheel will be turned if you are holding the bars straight.
    Loosen the top triple clamp nut and sometimes the tension of the twist in the forks will self center the clamp before you even take the clamp off.

    Taking the clamp completely off, then re installing will re align both clamps if your forks are true.

    If you don’t want to take it off you will have to twist the top clamp back and check the alignment of both triple clamps and then tighten the nut again to the manufacturer’s specification.

    Did you ever have bicycle bars twisted? Place the front wheels between your knees and twist the bars. Not the most accurate way but it usually works.
    The top triple clamp bearing nut will be below the top triple clamp and should not have moved as they usually have lock washers so there will be no over tension of the bearings.

    Hope this helps
  3. My friend has the Zeta as well in his KLX and it bended in the first crash. I have Renthal 7/8" model 971-08 in mine and it has survived few off's without any damage.
  4. @brian66: Thanks for the advices as I am not an experienced mechanic myself... Will mesure it tonight, and hope it is just the alignment.
  5. So it turned out it was not the handlebar that was bent, but as brian explained the top triple clamp nut must have been be slightly too loose and had allowed the clamp to twist.

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