1st Asia Ducati Week and Sepang MotoGP Ride

Rustic Charm

Jul 17, 2007
The 1st Asia Ducati week coincided with this year's Sepang MotoGP so I decided to ride down again. Ducati Thailand organised a ride from Hat Yai to KL but as I had most of October off work I was able to make the trip from Bangkok, fortunately not solo this time as I was joined by Reimund and his wife on their Hypermotard. His GPS came in handy...;)
We met up at Hua Hin and on the first leg to Surat Thani, the rain caught up and we ducked under a roadside shelter until it passed.

After uneventful stops in Surat and Hat Yai, we headed on to the ferry to Georgetown.

I like Penang's old word charm and reminds me of the days in the late '80's when i was doing regular visa runs here. It hasn't changed much at all.

We arrived in KL to find the city center decked out in welcoming Ducati red.

The Concorde Hotel was the base for the Ducati week events.

The hotel's lobby bar was altered accordingly...

...but the beer was rather pricey so we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe next door for slightly less of a rip-off. I've been spoiled by the prices in Thailand and especially Pattaya. 55 Baht for San Miguel, 80 Baht for B52's is getting the norm there now.

I rode to the track on Saturday for the qualifying. The number of spectators was drastically up on 2008 as I recall. On Sunday, there was a police-led convoy from the hotel to Sepang. I love riding through the outskirts of KL on the elevated expressways.

Some lucky punters were given a ride around Sepang on the Desmosedici. Notice how the stoppies catch the photographer unawares.

Stoner crashed out on the 1st lap and Hayden was dropping so fast down the field, I though he was Mika Kalio in disguise.
Fortunately Rossi put on a show and completely stole the limelight from J-Lo. The Malaysians are huge Rossi fans and Lorenzo received a fair amount of abuse from the crowd as apparently they perceived him to be at fault for pushing Rossi out of Yamaha. Their loss, Ducati's gain!

A sign at a Petrol Station near KL. 97 Ron? Excellent! :D

We left KL on the Monday and after uneventful stops in Penang, Hat Yai and Koh Samui (which was completely dead, the alcohol ban didn't help), we headed to Phuket. Patong has obviously changed a lot in the 22 years since my last visit. Wow!

I watched the Phillip Island MotoGP at the excellent Nicky's Handlebar in Patong.

Before we left for Hua Hin, we dropped in on Ducat Phuket to get a leaky clutch slave (thanks a lot MPL!) seen to.

Their 'garage workshop' is a little... er...rustic.

Leaving Phuket for Hua Hin and what looked like decent weather, we were ambushed by torrential rain around Phang-na and took refuge at a temple.

As Malaysia was completely dry, Thailand was mainly wet. We went through the wet/dry/wet/dry rountine quite a few times on the way to Hua Hin.
The roadside restaurants were a life saver.

All-in-all, a great ride. Some stunning scenery and great memories. The weather in Thailand could have been better though the lower temperatures were some consolation.


Hua Hin, Pueng Pen, 980 Bht

Surat Thani, Wieng Tai, 6-700 Bht (I think)

Hat Yai, Sakura Grand View, 800 Bht

Penang, Cititel, 180 Ringgit

KL, Concorde, 270++ Ringgit

Koh Samui, Lamai Inn 99, 1300Thb

Phuket, Tropica, 1200 Thb

Photos- iPhone 3GS



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Rustic Charm.
Nice ride & report. Glad you enjoyed yourself, despite the weather.

Any idea on fuel cost? I rode down from Cnx 2 years in a row 15 years ago, but would hate to think of the fuel bill nowadays just for "a day at the races."

We don't see many Ducati trip reports (you guys ride too fast?), so many thanks for the contribution. :thumbup:

Rustic Charm

Jul 17, 2007
I didn't really think about the fuel costs but did notice that Malaysia was considerably cheaper for fuel and they have Ron97 everywhere. The expensive hotels (and beer!) here wiped out any savings to be had on fuel costs compared to Thailand.
We filled up as soon as the fuel light came on. In LOS this cost about 350-400+ Baht. In Malaysia about 25+ Ringgit. So quite a difference.


Sep 4, 2007
Thanks Rustic for the report and pics. Now based in Chiang Mai, it just seems too far, as David said 'for a day at the races', so appreciate your posting to see what it offers.
At least now the rain here seems to be easing off, still floods in Isaan and potential problems in Bangkok early next month due to high tides and runoff from the North.
Kohn Kaen has slight flooding around the ringroad, but we expect all to be clear for the Bike Week on Saturday 13th November. Hope to see you there.