2 questions from a newbie in Bangkok - Thanks

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  1. Hi Gents,

    I am new to this site and have just bought my first bike. Kawasaki Ninja 650R.

    Hope you can give me some good advice below:-

    1.) Are there any Bike clubs in Bangkok?
    Looking to go away on weekends may be long weekends to southern Laos, Khao Yai etc..

    2.) Any one up for a trip to Pakse and the Boolavan Plateau in May? Thinking to take a Friday and Monday off.. Take the Bike on the over night train to Ubon and then drive to be border early in the AM.. this way don't waste too much time getting there an back a have more quality Laos time.

    Recently did 1000km out from Luang Prabang over 5 days on a Honda wave.. Was fun and got me hooked on bikes :) But the wave didn't really cut it on those mountains ;-)

    Any tips and ideas are welcome.

    Thanks fellas
  2. Brian. secretsoi.com is a group that do a fair few rides and tours. i'm pretty sure they are not going to put bikes on a train though :D . check them out. also check out hd playground.com for up and coming bike nights/shows. (s well as the event section here at GT)
  3. Hi there,

    I now life in Ubon and might be interested in heading to Pakse with you. Keep me in the loop.


  4. Thanks for your post Brian and great question!

    I second that : ANY MOTORCYCLE CLUBS IN BANGKOK?? :)

    I would love to know. It would be nice to meet from time to time to ride around Bangkok and grab a few beers when the bikes are asleep.


  5. I live just south of Bkk in Samut Prakarn but i might be too slow for you guys.
  6. Where is Ray23 when you need him? I get emails all the time. :roll:
  7. Hey Brian,

    Certainly check out the SecretSoi dot com forum- we're mostly based in Bangkok and get out on rides at least twice a month, sometimes more.

    Happy Trails!


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