2013 GTR Christmas Ride

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  1. Proposed date: Boxing Day Thursday 26th December.

    Proposed ride:
    Chiang Mai - Fang via R107.
    Lunch in Fang at Sunny 555 (venue to be confirmed)

    Return options
    1. Fang - Chai Prakarn - Phrao - Chiang Mai. Routes 107-1346 - 1001.
    2. Fang - Mae Suai - Mae Kachan - Chiang Mai. Routes 107 - 109 - 118.

    It has been suggested that the guys from Chiang Rai join us in Fang.
    They ride to Fang via Mae Chan & Tha Ton, meet up for lunch with us; then they return to CEI via R108 & 118.

    GTR guys who want a longer return can ride with the CEI guys on R109, or if you want a quicker ride return via R1346 & 1001.
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  3. I will be attending from CR. I have posted the ride on the Chiang Rai Ties Forum in the motorcycle section. I suspect we will have a sizable group from CR participating. Thanks for the invite and am looking forward to a good ride and a nice lunch with the CM group.
  4. hello everybody,

    my name is dave from kamala in Phuket, and my wife and I will be in chiang mia on Christmas day.

    is it still possible to join the Christmas ride to fang from chiang mia on boxing day??.
    if so where and when will you be meeting,

    cheers dave.
  5. Dave
    No trouble to join.
    We will meet & leave from the X-Centre in Mae Rim at around 9.30am at a guess.
    More details coming once confirmed.
    Guys it would be good to have some idea of how many people would like to join - organize a buffet lunch, or make it a la carte & order yourself?
  6. thank you for the information, look forward to meeting you on the 26/12. cheers dave.
  7. Hmmh, it's awfully quiet out there.
    5 takers so far....anymore want to commit in advance to help organize food?
  8. I'd like to join. I can help with the organisation, but never done that in Thailand.
  9. TQ Morandzuric, you are welcome to join. We just need an idea of numbers beforehand to warn the restaurant how many people they will need to feed.
    If enough guys commit in advance we can organize a buffet, if not order individually when we get there.
    Depart from X-Centre about 9.30 am & a 2 hr ride to Fang to arrive around midday plus a bit.
  10. I don't know X-center, maybe you've got an adress or a mark on google maps?
  11. I´d like to join you on the x-mas ride, if.... it´s not a race like the last Toy Ride to Phrao. For a nice and enjoyable ride, I´ll be there. CU
  12. Hello !

    I would like to join as well.
    Looking forward for a nice ride !
  13. I will be checking the restaurant tomorrow. So for those who intend to go please advise if u have not already.

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  14. We have several coming from CR. Won't know specific numbers until tomorrow. Will call you then.
  15. Sunny 555 is all geared up for tomorrow






    4 cooks + 3 waitresses + a wonderful cozy atmosphere.

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  16. If it's not too late I'd like to join the ride from Chiang Rai. Sorry for the short notice; I just got into CR and wasn't sure if I'd make it in time.
  17. Chris no trouble to join in with the guys from Chiang Rai.
  18. Confirmation of Sunny 555 Restaurant, just north of Fang

  19. The masterplan

    Depart X-Centre 9.30 AM.
    Approximately 145 kms to Fang & Sunny 555 = about 2 hrs riding.

    3 Stages
    1. Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao
    2. Chiang Dao - Huay Luk
    3. Huay Luk - Fang

    X-CENTRE - CHIANG DAO 56 kms
    In Chiang Dao ride through town, do NOT take the bypass, but ride through town.
    Why - because we regroup at the PTT, on right hand side, south of town. This is a pee / toilet stop for those who may be affected by the cool weather = me for one. No drinks. A horng nam only for those who need it.

    CHIANG DAO - HUAY LUK 23.4 kms
    Stop at the Huay Luk Royal project by the lake, right hand side.
    GPS Waypoint: N19 31 53.4 E99 03 19.3
    Allow 20 minutes here.

    HUAY LUK - FANG / SUNNY 555 = 66 kms.
    Sunny 555 restaurant is 3.5 kms North of Fang.
    In Fang take the bypass road to the left.
    DO NOT go through town!
    Stop & regroup at the start of the bypass road south of Fang.
    It is 10 kms around the bypass road.
    When the bypass road rejoins R107 North of Fang, turn left & head North.
    Sunny is on the right hand side, 3.5 kms north of the bypass road.

    ETA at Sunny should be around 12.15 at a rough guess.
  20. Thanks guys from Cnx & CEI or a great little day...

    How it went, got away from the X-Centre at 9.45 am, with a leisurely ride up the 107.
    Made the "Splash & Dash" stop at the PTT south of Chiang Dao, then the coffee stop at Huay Luk to arrive at Sunny 555 in Fang at 12.25 PM.
    The guys from Chiang Rai were ahead of the Chiang Mai guys by about 10 minutes (I think.)

    Lunch was a very sociable fun event; easy going & friendly.
    2PM depart Fang & arrive back at the X-Centre at 4.30PM.

    A big thanks to the guys who fronted up in Chiang Mai
    Ron Web
    Dave & Oi from Phuket
    we all had a wonderful ride & afternoon.

    a big thanks to the guys from Chiang Rai who also participated.

    A couple of group photos from outside Sunny 555


  21. David, thanks very much for putting this together, and it was great fun indeed. Thanks for pointing out the insurance thing, remembers me that I should frequent the forum more often. :clap:
  22. Nine hardy souls made the ride from CR to Fang for the meet-up and lunch. Cool ride in the morning. A stop at Charin Resort warmed us up a bit. From there to the point where we started to jump the mountain on the 109 saw a significant temperature drop and I thought we would really suffer when we got on top but I was wrong. As we climbed, we busted through the fog and clouds and were rewarded with sunshine, blue skies and greatly increased temps. Lovely ride through and over the mountain. I dunno why but I had Steve Miller Band songs playing in my head all morning. A couple of smoke and re-group stops and we arrived at the cafe at 12:13. One of our nine arrived a bit later as he missed the meeting time at CR and made the trip via the 1089 by himself. He was on a one month old Ducati and probably enjoyed stretching the thing out on his own. Pretty slick bike.

    The CM gang arrived shortly after and we settled in for a long lunch and visit session. Made a couple of new friends from the CM group and even a new one from the CR group. Also attending were folks from as far away as Phuket.

    The lunch spot is a real neat place to check out if you're in Fang. Sunny 555 has lots of room for lots of folks so if you're doing a group ride through Fang, it can be another place to choose from for your lunch stop.

    Throughout the day, we all did spend quite a bit of time admiring and kicking tires on a new black Forza and the aforementioned new Ducati.

    After an extended lunch break, we acquired two riders from CM and headed to CR via the 1089. A bit of regrouping and smokes, a coffee and fuel stop at the old outlaw's coffee shop and then the last run for CR saw us returning home in plenty of time before dark.

    The ride was a good one; exceptional and I'm glad I went along. Thanks to all who braved the morning chill to attend. I sure enjoy the company of you folks and these all to infrequent get-togethers sure do me a lot of good.

    David, thanks for arranging the ride and the restaurant and thanks for the invite to the CR group. I appreciate your efforts very much and look forward to another ride like this next Christmas.

    Sunny 555 is located at the green arrow marker on this map- http://goo.gl/maps/DZKML
    Approximate grid coordinates are 19.98147 and 99.24794
    Google Street View of the front of the place prior to it being finished is here- http://goo.gl/maps/qFDaJ

    In addition to many Thai food selections, they have quite a few western offerings including pizza and lasagna.
  23. Hello David and everybody,

    I would like to thank you and everybody for the hospitality and the friendly guidance
    throughout the day. Hope to see some guys soon for another ride.

  24. Glad you made it plus enjoyed yourself.

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