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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Roy, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Roy

    Roy Member

    We were originally planning to hire and ride m/bikes Phuket/Bankok and return.
    After getting advice from you guys and others we have decided to fly to Chang Mai ,hire m/bikes and travel north returning to Chang Mai say 12 days later.
    We will arrive in Chang Mai on 25 Oct and wonder whether anyone knows :
    1.Where can we hire 5 x 650 - 1000 cc bikes?
    2.Do we need a support vehicle and driver - if so where do we find them.?
    3.Is there anyone who would like a discussion over a beer in Chang Mai ?

    Thanks Roy
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  3. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    I hired a 400 four Honda two years ago from "Big Tony's Bikes", not sure if he's still there but he had a fair range of bikes, trip report here.... http://brat.info/buell/page5.htm

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  4. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Hi Roy,

    As Brat says, Tony's Big Bikes are your best bet and you won't find anything over 400cc to rentin CM apart from an occassional badly maintained CB750 Honda (which I unfortunately rented a couple of years ago!). Tony does deals depending on rental duration and I'd suggest you book in advance if you want 5 bikes all the same (Honda Super Fours). I know Tony reasonably well and am going into CM tomorrow so will ask him about rates and also give you his phone/email.

    Why would you need a support vehicle? To carry clobber for 12 days I presume? Don't know if anyone does that officially. Maybe another member could help you out?

    David will prob reply about beer and the usual places are "The Kafe" & Jai-Yen on Moon Muang Rd, and The Irish Pub on Ratchavidi(?) for MotoGP meets.


  5. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    Support vehicle? Could you not just bung some tools under the seat and hope for the best, like the rest of us?
  6. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer


    Thanks for letting us know you arent coming to Phuket now, especially as I was keeping November free just in case you wanted some help, and have also been getting prices on a ute for you.

    A quick email from you would have been appreciated.


  7. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    Wait... I like beer too !! If the spending of money is not a great concern in your life, I have two KTM 950 Adventures, three Africa Twins,
    and a brand new Toyota Vigo four wheel drive pickup truck I might consider renting. The bikes are all in perfect condition, as in essence they are all my personal bikes. Everything is in Chiang Mai. Email me if you are interested.
  8. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Like whats been said before getting bikes is not a problem if you dont mind 400s, Tonys big bikes has some decent ones and the price is about 600-700 baht per day, about support vehicles i wouldnt worry about that, If you would like to contact me when you arrive In Chiangmai i have some excellent routes already mapped out to cover 4-7 or even 10 day trips to get you on your way and i know Tony really well to get your bikes sorted out. If you need some one to take you on your trip with local knowledge i may be able to help with that as well
    Jonadda guest house
    23/1 Ratvithi Rd Soi 2
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  9. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Hi John, just had a look at your guest house, where are you located in Chiang Mai.

    PS. I had trouble viewing your pages and pics on your web site!

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  10. Roy

    Roy Member

    Hi Rhiekel . We might be interested in hiring all 5 bikes.What would your price be for the bikes for 10 days ?

    Also how much for the ute plus a driver ?


  11. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    Good gravy.
    --Dissing Tropicaljono
    --Can't read the pages here
    --still want a support vehicle
    --need a raincoat?

    damn, where are the days of just going off for 10 days with a waist pack and a few tools?


    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.
  12. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Woohhooo, we're geared up for a 6 week trip in December, the bike get's shipped to Kuala Lumpur (via Sydney Aus) end of next week!


    Can't wait, the bag on the tank/airbox is our rock climbing gear, the two side bags are for purchases on the way, the bag on the back is for a few clothes, tools and cleaning gear! Did I say wooohoo!

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  13. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Check out
    in particular note
    1. The distances in North Thailand are not that great. From Chiang Mai to the northern most point of Thailand and the Burma border is only 250 kms, and to the Laos border (entry port of Huay Sai) it is 320 kms. With only 150 kms maximum between main towns, you are never far from civilization, so there's no need to load up with mountains of equipment & luggage (you can leave the kitchen sink at home). Indeed, wherever you are in North Thailand you are only ever a few hours, (maximum 5 hrs) ride from Chiang Mai.
    2. North Thailand has fuel every 50 kms, food & water every 30 kms, and accommodation every 80 kms. The main up-country towns all have clean, hot water accommodation and good restaurants. The restaurants are often open-air, in lush garden settings, serving delicious Thai food. Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in the world nowadays, and where best to get real home cooking than up-country in the Golden Triangle.......
    3. For bikes check out https://www.gt-rider.com/bikes.html but no 650cc plus, except for Mr Mechanic’s old CB750s or Robert H’s “perfect” Africa Twin 750s.
    4. For a beer, yep, we’re all in for that. The Kafe / The Local / The Jai Yen / The UN Irish Pub / The Downunder are all acceptable, but the Kafe is the most convenient. But why not check em all out & we’ll help you consume the beer in return for numerous tips & BS.
    5. Why not drop Tropicaljohno a line?

    Keep The Power On
  14. Rusty

    Rusty Active Member

    It would be nice to have some good quality "big" dual sports to rent. For me, not for the speed as much as for the power up in the mountains. Rhiekel must be in heaven with two KTM Adventures there!

    It becomes obvious after riding there for a while that economy and the road conditions make it difficult for a big euro bike rental. The import tax and cost of repair would kill you. Those mountains and the dirt roads are not easy plus who knows how many farangs lack the experience to handle the roads and end up beating on and wrecking the bikes. The trade-off would be very expensive rentals.

    I am coming in Mid-November for about 4 weeks and would also be interested in speaking with anyone else willing to rent me a decent "big" dual sport. Thanks!
  15. burnjr

    burnjr Ol'Timer

    brat, nice to hear u are get ur bike at kuala lumpur malaysia,
    i am staying at kuala lumpur..ur bike shipped by sea or flight..
    may be u are ride from kuala lumpur to thailand...is ok .anyway if u need help just called my handphone at malaysia 012-2568742 at anytime.may i know how long u are staying at kuala lumpur.may i can ride with u in malaysia.just reply my msg through my personal email [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] brat c u later and ride with u .bro
  16. Biggus

    Biggus Member


    You mention you have 2 950 KTM Adventures. Are they for sale? This is exactly what I am looking for, well not really, second best. I am wanting a New 990S Adventure. Any KTM dealers in Bangkok?

  17. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Hi Abu, recieved your email, I will be in Malaysia (KL) from the morning of December 4th for a few days, not sure of what we're doing, great to catch up. Plans so far are to collect bike, rock climb at Batu Caves, ride to Cameron Highlands then head North, am open to suggestions, happy for you to join us!

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  18. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Our Guest house is in the North East corner of the old city 5 min walk North of Tharpae gate
  19. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    Tenoke Ehore.....z. well u picked the right time to leave NZ. its cold as here.2deg. last night.have been 2 MHS is was a great trip.quite different from the rest of thailand.iam heading over to thailand soon.going to buy a bike and travell around a bit,my missus owns a house down SE of BKK.hope to get up to chang mai sometime.sounds like there are some good rides to b had.when will u b back in NZ,may b catch up 4 a homebrew and chat,i make it with water sraigt out of the coromandel creek............Keep upright...cheers...Kevt the kiwi
  20. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Thanks John, sounds good, we'll be there 21st December, one night at least?

    PS, could view your whole site this time.

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"

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