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Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by PeggyErwin, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. PeggyErwin

    PeggyErwin New Member

    We are two cyclist and wonder if anybody have seen some sort of accommodation in Stung Tran. On the route 223 from Kampong Cham along the mekong to Chlong.

    Thanks or the reply ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email])!!

    Peggy & Erwin
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  3. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Peggs, tell us all of the trip thus far!!!
    What are you cycling on, where from an were to[:D]
  4. bill

    bill Ol'Timer

    You could ask Joe who owns Mekong Crossing bar/resturant in Kampong Cham.
    I did the trip a few years ago by motorbike and can recommend it.
    Nice village life scenery.
  5. PeggyErwin

    PeggyErwin New Member

    Thanks! I just found out there is a place to stay in Stung Trang:

    There is a guesthouse in Stung Trang. Super basic, and half the people there don't know about it - there isn't even a sign. After getting off the ferry head north (right,) a few blocks past the main intersection and ask around. It's $3.
    Chlong has a guesthouse too, and after that I'm pretty sure Stung Trang is the only place until you hit the highway.

    About us: for the people who can reach Dutch

    We cycled for three month now. North Vietnam (too hard to start with), North Laos, Thailand, South Laos and now Cambodia!! From there to the south of Vietnam, up to the north again and then to China.
    But our plans change by the day..
  6. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    There's plenty of accom in Stung Treng in a range of price brackets, we stayed in the Mekong Hotel, expensive but has the widest hallways in the World.....not kidding, at least 10 metres wide!


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