Advice re this years trip please?

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    I'm regular visitor and user of this site and have posted a couple of my trip reports in the past .I have been coming to Thailand for well over 20 years .This year i'm going to go Phucket first to hire a bike down there for a few days and also dive ,then fly up to Chiangmai on Monday, 17th November. I have been to Chaing Mai a few times and been lucky enough to meet some of the site users such as David for a beer etc.
    I have ridden the Mae Hong loop and the golden triangle loop ,been over to Lao and also one day motorbike trips as well I hope to be up for over a week or more .
    I would really just welcome any advice on what other rides to do ,I normally hire a on road bike.
    In any case I hope to meet up with some of you for a beer.
    Thanks and safe riding .
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    Mate you should spend a few days around Chang Dao, there are plenty of great back roads snaking around the mountains and to the Myanmar border. You could then follow the border roads to Doi Angkang, Doi Pha Hom Pok (second highest Mnt in Thailand), Thaton, Mae Salong Nok, Mae Fa Luang and Mae Sai, take your time and enjoy some side roads, accommodation, food and culture.
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    Thanks very much for the excellent advice you gave me,and I hope to do this another year .However this year as normal no plan survives first contact with the enemy ��
    I ended up hiring a bike (Kawasaki 650) in Phucket and then Riding down towards Krabi and Ko Lanta then riding back via the national park and hot springs over the period of a week.A nice trip and a part of Thailand I have not seen before .i will post the trip even thought it was short. Safe riding

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