Africa Twin Crf1000l Tweaks & Mods

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  1. So for what has been a 2 year wait for me before the official release, I've finally got my hands on the bike.

    First impressions are great on the road with nimble and light maneuverability. BMX like in feeling that defies its weight. 250km on while taking it steady, the power is ample enough, even below 4,000rpm. As yet, I haven't played with the torque control until I've ran it in. However, that hasn't stopped me making a few changes to the bike already.
    The Dunlops have gone in favour of the Mitas e07 Dakar. I wasn't too impressed with the K60s before in wet.


    One of the bad things on the Twin is the foot-pegs. Come on Honda, it wouldn't take much to fit a better set of pegs. I'm sure buyers wouldn't mind paying an extra 200 dollars to save them the trouble.
    I opted for the Pivot Pegz. Actually, I was approached to do a review on these when the bike arrived. I will post soon but for now, they are great!
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    So impression thus far are positive for the pegs. Just riding up a humped bridge while standing on the pegs enabled me to move my weight forward better without straining the calves. Steering the bike with the pegs feels easier too.

    Tomorrow, I will be fitting my SW-Motech crash bars and bash plate. I've already installed the 30mm SW-Motech riser.

    I will install the center stand along with a few bit to protect the rear brake reservoir etc.

    I will be reviewing the tires also with a trip to Khao Krajom once the bike has ad its first service. That won't be long, believe me!

    How to edit title? Tweaks, I meant.
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  3. Yippee, just figured it!
  4. Bash Plate looks much better than the Stock one that Exposes the Sides and Exhaust!
  5. ^It is indeed, and as you say it protects the sides and in particular the exaust pipe. As yet, I have held off installing as Honda informed they won't service the bike with it on. Not sure why as the fixing points are similar. Eitherway, 3 bolts and a push rod will hook the original back on. The standard is wuite flimsy and not designed for off road.

    I opted for the SW motech crashbars over the Touratech as the front crossbar spoils the look in my opinion.. And despite the Touratech being higher up on the fairing, in reality they don't offer anymore protection over the SW. The bar surface protection area is pretty much the same. In fact, the hand guards are what prevents the fairing coming in contact with the surface. The only advantage I can see in the Touratech is if you needed to lay the bike down on a banking of sorts.
  6. Any plans for a new exhaust ? I am thinking about Remus or SC-Project but haven't decided yet.
  7. Maybe, but to be honest I quite like the standard one.

    A mate with the same bike has ordered the Zard so I might wait and see what that sounds like. I'd prefer a second set of wheel first I think.
  8. Tuesday I fitted the SW-Motech crash bars. It was a pretty easy job, just fiddly in some areas.

    This isn't that detailed but anyone mechanically minded will find it a doddle.

    First job was to remove the original bolts on the front fork stem, and install the mounting bracket, replacement bolts and spacers.
    Remove tool box for access of bolts on right-side.
    Loosely attach crash bar and line-up mounting hole to through-bar point. Heel guard removed beforehand.
    Then loosely install crash bar which joins the left and right-side crash bars together, firming things up.
  9. Drill an 18mm hole through the right-side heel guard to allow through bolt.


    Greased and guide 'through bar' in.


    Remove original 3 holed plate (Part of battery case attachment) and offer crash bars with replacement plate attached.


    t this point I am 40 mins into the job. The spacer I am holding fell into the engine casing. This took me an hour to retrieve. There was no risk of damage where it fell. Gravel could sit there over time. But you know what it is like when something bugs you like this!
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  10. Offer crash bars up to mounting, crossbar and loosely fit.
    Once satisfied with fit, dab some thread locker on and torque up. Job done. Putting the mishap to one side, the complete job took an hour.


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  11. Good work. It's not taking long.

    Do you have a "hit list" of upcoming mods & accessories?
  12. I haven't fitted the bash plate yet as it isn't worth it until it's 1000km check.

    I've just ordered some Hepco and Becker hand guards from the UK which my niece will bring with her in February. And I may install some panniers but I have a full Kriega kit from my last bike.

    As mentioned above, I actually like the sound of the standard muffler. Some I have heard sound good on the lower rev but awful high up. Hard to tell on YouTube.

    I will buy another set of wheels though. Possibiliy Alpina from the UK, tubeless too.
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  13. I like this exhaust. But it isn't sold yet and I don't know how it sounds. But if it sounds as it looks, would be pretty good.

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  14. Fantastic looking Pipe! My friend has an SC Project on His Ducati, Sounds Great! Send SC Project an Email and the photo and ask when You can get it?
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    They are priced well too. Heard an example on youtube but it wasn't great at higher rpm. But that could be the mic setup used etc.

    Re: Hand guards.

    While I originally opted for the Hepco, I changed my mind following a few reported issue with them catching the screen should you wish to move the bars forward for standing as I have done. Instead, I opted for the Barkbusters VPS, of which I've used the Storm on my versys and they did they job well during a slip on tarmac once.
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  16. Fwusgdjsjksidbehehh!!

    This morning while cleaning some clay off the wheels I moved the bike forward a little to clean the rest. As i went to grab the cloth, my bike went over!
    Minor scratch to the fender and to the barkbusters. Wouldn't mind if it was an off road battle scar, but this noob fall hurt my feelings!

    Barkbusters did their job so i'll put this down to a beta test!

  17. Ooops ... too bad. Did the crash bars help ?
  18. The hand guards kept the crash bars well away from the floor. Not a mark anywhere on the bike. More damage to the wall and my concrete floor.
  19. where did you buy your barkbusters from?
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    SG MOTORSHOP - Barkbusters

    I emailed them, got a quick reply, ordered and recieved them the next day.
  21. Cheers mate. Can see this forum stuff is gunna be a wealth of information.......:)
  22. I also had great service from SG Motorshop ordering Barkbuster items from the internet.
  23. Just had my center stand installed at Panda Rider, and I'm glad I did as they noticed I'd installed the crossbar incorrectly on my crashbars. That'll teach me for not reading the instructions! I had installed it on the inside of the left and right bracket of the crash bar instead of the outside.


  24. Just to add, when the bike went over, it was so easy to pick up compared to the Versys.

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