Akha Swing Festival, Doi Mae Salong, 3-4 Sept, 2016

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    There will be an Akha Swing Festival on 03 and 04 September, 2016 ( a Saturday and Sunday). The public is invited. No time for any events are known at this time.

    These events are great photo opportunities for the shutterbugs.

    Located at the orange marker on this Google map- Google Maps
    Approximate GPS coordinates are:
    Degrees Lat Long 20.1652150°, 099.7086590°
    Degrees Minutes 20°09.91290', 099°42.51954'
    Degrees Minutes Seconds 20°09'54.7740", 099°42'31.1724"
    Google Street View of the entrance- Google Maps
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  3. ianyonok

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    Thanks Marty. Will try to make that one.
  4. Rod Page

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    Did anyone actually make it up to DMS for this most photogenic of events? Trust you, Ian, with your trusty pen were there!
  5. ianyonok

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    Sorry to say, I didn't make it. In fact, I forgot the date....

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