Anyone use a fuel bladder?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by EdtheTraveler, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Seems to be tested on Boats, "Quote from they page

    "fuel fabric has been tested in Australia's harshest conditions on a daily basis by Surf Lifesaving Australia in there IRB inflatable boats"

    wondering how much it can stand the thai heat, if placed on place where sun is boiling all day long,try to find info from they page but there was no mention abt it.

    Cost 119.99 cost and 67USD for shipping(TH)..bit expensive for few gallons to be stored.

    but im sure it's a good idea but like all in LOS,,plastic drinking bottles do the trick as well. :wink:
  2. There are very few places in Cambodia that won't have petrol at least every 100kms, even if is only in Coke and whisky bottles by the side of the road. Even in the jungle/forest every little village will have bottles, the only concern being the quality of the fuel and even then sometimes the lager stations sell tainted fuel. Super was 0.75 cents a litre last week, local fuel in bottles 3,500 riel a litre. Save the money for a Camel Back rehydration system which will be more use (water!) in the heat.

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