Army On The 107 Road Side Loop

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    Today i ride from Chiang Rai to Fang area.
    Just after the white buddha in the mountain the 1089 road change to the 107. The 107 make a small loop just the after the river and i tried this one.
    It is an interesting loop but i was not able to complete.
    A soldier handling a big gun stopped me in the middle of the street and politely requested that i go back my way.
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  2. Any chance you can put a GPS marker on where you mean Raynald?
    I was riding around all this area recently and curious to know exactly at what point the solider was.
  3. Do you mean at the 1314? That loop goes into Myanmar.
    I tried it from the Doi Ang Khang side (Ban Norlae) and was denied access.
  4. David is right. It is this loop.
  5. I rode the border road around the north of Doi Pahapok a few years ago, with Gary Sharpeyes.
    Back in the days before they repaired the broken section about half way round. The road was fairly overgrown at that time and must be getting so again now.

    Then I went round it again a couple of years later. the road had been cleared and repaired in places and I was surprised to see that they had indeed repaired the broken section. It must have taken huge amounts of earth to repair.

    2013-03-13 11.51.28.

    It is a shame that the army have closed that road, as it was a wonderful ride. The little valley, rice fields and village half way round is in a beautiful isolated setting.
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  6. Also, 4 years ago, I rode up the "extremely steep" Nor Lae road from the north side. Sadly, that too has been closed by the army for a couple of years now. I guess it is just a bit sensitive with the two army camps so close together up on the ridge.
    Yep, it was very steep road indeed. Nor lae is an interesting village too.

    The Ascent of Doi PaNgom
  7. T
    Thank you Ian for the details
  8. That steep Nor Lae road has been amazing over the years when you could ride it.
    It was asphalted in 93 & in 94 torrential rain washed it away .


    Then there was the massive landslides we unsuccessfully tried to negotiate.


    You can check it out here
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    I rode this loop again 2 days ago without any problems.
    The only thing I had to avoid was a mother washing a baby in a bucket in the middle of the road.

  10. Ahh, a young looking Mr Unk.... No surprise it got washed away.
    Don't think I have ever ridden anything quite as steep as the Nor Lae road. When it was open in 2014, the army had a checkpoint at the bottom, allowing you to only ride on it early morning or late afternoon. I guess they thought the tarmac could get slippery in the middle of the day..?
    2014-04-29 07.17.48.

    I recall the 2 mountain peaks visible behind you as you went up. It was a rapid ascent indeed and a bit scary to stop and take a photo....
    2014-04-29 07.29.46.

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