Around Glorious Chiang Rai


Dec 9, 2008
August 2020;
Lots of low cloud and little sun.
2020-08-04 14.39.47.jpg

Over Doi Tung
2020-08-04 15.04.54.jpg

Burma viewpoint; army camp Doi Chang Moob
2020-08-04 15.36.36.jpg

Bit of slippage on the Royal road.
2020-08-04 15.43.53.jpg

Looking east across to Chiang Saen.

October 2020, Khiew Satai Akha village, 1089/1234 checkpoint junction
2020-10-06 12.00.40.jpg

This lady was polishing the family silver on her headdress, given to her by her mother, who doubtless was given it, by her mother.
2020-10-06 12.00.51.jpg

Silver coins over 100 years old. Some are French, many are from the British Raj, minted in Calcutta, dates 1904, 1907, around that era. The earliest I could see is a 1/4 Rupee from 1882.
2020-10-06 12.05.04.jpg

Poster for a past ceremony, still in place. Interesting history with the Kuomintang there.
2020-10-06 12.05.21.jpg

Out along the Wawi road 3037 south.
2020-10-06 13.35.19.jpg

Popped into a roadside riverside cafe. Turned out there is a hot spring in the river...
2020-10-06 13.36.37.jpg
2020-10-06 13.36.42.jpg

It is too hot to get in, but you can paddle about in the warmed river water next to the hot pool.

Later, on the ride south from Doi Chang.
2020-10-06 15.00.20.jpg

What a beautiful day.
2020-10-06 15.23.44.jpg

Over Doi Mae Salong
2020-10-11 14.12.15.jpg

Another day....

Phuchomdao, a resort on a hill, just off the 1211, southwest of Chiang Rai.

2020-10-12 09.54.54.jpg
2020-10-12 09.54.55.jpg
2020-10-12 09.56.54.jpg
2020-10-12 09.57.54.jpg
2020-10-12 09.58.44.jpg
2020-10-12 09.58.04.jpg
2020-10-12 09.58.17.jpg
2020-10-12 09.55.00.jpg
2020-10-12 10.07.43.jpg
No TV needed, there is a telescope in the room.
2020-10-12 10.08.00.jpg

We then rode up the recently paved back road to Doi Chang
2020-10-12 10.22.55.jpg
2020-10-12 10.35.56.jpg
Viewpoint looking back east to Chiang Rai city.
2020-10-12 10.41.23.jpg

Then over the peak and down the west side of the doi.
2020-10-12 11.02.31-1.jpg
2020-10-12 10.58.43.jpg

A water source near the peak.
2020-10-12 10.59.14.jpg
2020-10-12 10.58.42.jpg

We then found Bo Nam Tip.
This is a large natural spring in the forest that is a Buddist Park.
2020-10-12 11.10.27.jpg
2020-10-12 11.10.28.jpg
2020-10-12 11.11.56.jpg
2020-10-12 11.29.24.jpg
2020-10-12 11.11.20.jpg
2020-10-12 11.12.37-1.jpg
2020-10-12 11.31.36.jpg

We walked around the overgrown pathways looking for the spring.
2020-10-12 11.38.25.jpg

It was around here I had an encounter with a rather large Cobra. He was on the path a couple of metres ahead.
He raised up about a foot, spread his hood, opened his mouth wide... and said..
"this is my mountain, you show some respect...."
Wow... quite a special experience.

After he left, we carried on, somewhat more carefully.
2020-10-12 11.38.46.jpg

A little later, we came across this..
2020-10-12 11.44.34.jpg

Ah... there are clearly many cobras on this mountain. Now I get it... why there are cobras on every temple staircase... amazing creatures.
2020-10-12 11.55.22.jpg
Drinking water.
2020-10-12 11.52.00.jpg

Silk dresses with silver belts, placed for the spirits.
2020-10-12 11.52.53.jpg

2020-10-12 11.56.41.jpg

There were many coy carp in the large natural pool.
2020-10-12 11.58.12.jpg
2020-10-12 11.59.38.jpg
2020-10-12 11.59.53.jpg
Life size brass images.

2020-10-12 12.00.00.jpg
2020-10-12 12.01.13.jpg
Overgrown pathways and signs. Quite an amazing place.
2020-10-12 12.01.14.jpg

We then rode on to the end of the road and found a farm.
2020-10-12 12.22.36.jpg
2020-10-12 12.24.25.jpg
Two Akha ladies doing embroidery.
2020-10-12 12.27.07.jpg

2020-10-12 12.26.52.jpg
Strawberries and macadamia trees.
2020-10-12 12.27.06.jpg

Pink guava and macadamia nut shell.
2020-10-12 12.27.08.jpg

At the very end of this road is another viewpoint.
2020-10-12 12.35.50.jpg
2020-10-12 12.36.49.jpg
2020-10-12 12.36.50.jpg
2020-10-12 13.01.13 (1).jpg

Looking west this time, across Doi Chang village.
The distant mountain ridge forms the border, with Chiang Mai province on the other side.
2020-10-12 12.36.31.jpg
2020-10-12 12.36.51.jpg

We then headed down into the village to Jadae House coffee shop. One of the many new places there.
2020-10-12 14.06.20.jpg
2020-10-12 14.06.23.jpg
2020-10-12 14.06.26.jpg
2020-10-12 14.31.26.jpg
2020-10-12 14.06.34.jpg
2020-10-12 14.32.13.jpg

After riding north on the super Doi Wawi road, we ended up at LaoLee resort, surrounded by tea gardens.
2020-10-13 06.42.49.jpg
2020-10-13 06.42.50.jpg
2020-10-13 06.42.51.jpg

Next morning, in cool weather we continued north.
2020-10-13 07.53.15.jpg
2020-10-13 07.52.58.jpg

At Sweet Mae Salong.
This is not just a coffee shop. They make the finest hand crafted cakes in the north.
2020-10-13 08.53.16.jpg
View across the valley.
2020-10-13 08.54.15.jpg

Creme Brulee. Made with imported vanilla from Madagascar and French whipping cream.
2020-10-13 08.53.15.jpg

Dropped in to Pa Tueng Onsen Hot Spring in Mae Chan, for a soothing soak.
2020-10-13 15.17.52.jpg

Then to Viang Yonok Hotel, Chiang Saen Lake.
2020-10-14 09.53.27.jpg

The wonderful cool season sunsets are starting.
2020-10-14 09.53.28.jpg

Glorious Chiang Rai, indeed.
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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Great photos, especially with the Bo Nam Tip, "king cobra park" up Doi Chang way.
There must be a story behind that place. I wonder what it is....

That Jadae House Coffee shop, looks like there's been some money invested way up there.
It is incredible how much that area has developed & become wealthy, compared to how it was a couple of decades ago when the Thai-German Aid struggled to improve the lifestyle & infrastructure of the villages of the people but basically failed, and pulled out? Then coffee came along..
This intrigues me

I wonder how hot it gets in the afternoon sun?

Did you see any new accommodation up at Doi Chang?
The last time I stayed there was for Akha New Year at the Lisu Doi Chang Resort.
It must be about time to go back for a night & look around again.
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Dec 9, 2008
Actually, Jadae House is a great design in a superb location, but a simple construction really. Cool place. Lots of new places to stay up there now.


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Jul 20, 2018
Thats another trip for the list. I find the Kmt chinese connection interesting. Found the same in Thaton last Gt rider dinner. Thanks Ian.