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Discussion in 'Technical' started by gobs, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Just for info if needed:

    The CTEK XS800 model "permanent" battery charger is available in RICHCO Harley shop in CNX...

    It's one "plug-it-and-forget-it" battery charger... Comes with cables and stuff needed, but no cigarette-lighter plug or DIN plug :cry:

    Price: 3000 Bahts.
    Compared with what I could find on the web in Europe, if you add shipping cost and import fee, price is correct (IMHO)...

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  3. Azoulay

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    Hi Gobs,

    Why not to choose the reference with the Optimate 3, this charger is also distributed by Red Baron for a reasonable Thai price...

    In fact I have 3 of them, one for each bike and let it allyear long plugged. It does the work perfectly analyse, discharge, charge...for a good maintenance of the battery.
  4. ianyonok

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    I've been using an Optimate for about 10 years (travel away for weeks at a time). It's magic, really extends the life of your battery if you dont ride for extended periods. Plug it in and forget it.
  5. Pikey


    Azoulay mate, are you sure you are not a partner in, or at least on commission from Red Baron as I really can't recall a post of yours where you don't mention them..... ;-)

    Agree, any of these Optimate style battery tenders are great for extending the life of a battery in a bike that's often stood for longer periods and I'd reckon 3k baht is reasonable for here.


  6. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends, hi Pikey,

    Thanks for the remark but I like to share with others when something seems to be good...

    The Optimate charger is a good accessory to have especially when you have long period of inactivity like i have when I am in Europe.

    On an other hand Red Baron is the offical dealer from Optimate (just visit their site, you'll understand), and last I have a great opinion of them, without being partner and without getting any kind of commission (unfortunatelly as it seems to be a good business).

    Have fun

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