Best bike for around Chiang Mai as well as some touring

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  1. I already have a Versys, so want something smaller that I can ride around town as well as take other places.

    I'm leaning towards the D-Tracker 250 because I think it's ok for around town and parkable (although more difficult than a scooter), as well as being good for dirt roads and some light touring.

    The CBR 250 is tempting at the price but I figure the D-Tracker gives me more options that the versys doesn't.

    I'm really only thinking of fairly new bikes because I'm a n00b and don't have much mechanical experience with bikes.

    Do others recommend the D-Tracker? I must admit it's hard not to run over the Kawasaki CM and grab one now as I know they can have you out the door in an hour :)
  2. Wouldn't recommend a D-Tracker for any kind of touring (*) but it's a great fun bike, and if you're a noob then probably just fine in terms of lack of power ;)

    My first bike was a D-Tracker and frankly I kind of wish I still had it. I now realize that I actually had no idea how to ride a motard and this would be fun to ride up and down mountains for sure. You might find the same - once you get some experience, ride with some other people, maybe take a course, your Versys will be like a whole new bike.

    I agree that a CBR in addition to a Versys doesn't make a lot of sense.

    I find the V pretty convenient around town, actually... surely the same in terms of parking as any other big bike.

    (*) if you do any touring, you will need an iron butt. The seat is supremely uncomfortable.
  3. I had a D-Tracker and enjoyed the flexibility of the bike. The longest journey I did was 650km in a day, it coped very well and I never had the seat problem some report (but I am used to several hours on a hard leather bicycle saddle). Several people I know have the DT or the KLX250 as their main bike and they undertake multi day tours, cover long distances, and enjoy the freedom to take some rough surfaces which the Versys would not enjoy. Of course the DT is much more economical to use around the town and on trips, than its 650 bigger brothers.
    I would say the Versys and the DT, make a good combination.
  4. Agree wholeheartedly with John.
    I'm a great fan of the DT but feel a KLX could be preferable depending on just how much off-roading, or even riding on loose surface roads, you wish to undertake.
  5. G'day mate, if you are a short ****, go for the DTracker, if not the KLX250 is a much versatile bike, I bought one 2 months ago and love it.


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