best place for best prices to get gear?

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  1. I am heading up from bangkok to chiang mai to do the MHS loop by motorcycle soon, would anyone know if it would be cheaper to get jeans and shin guards and upper body protection in bangkok or chiang mai? or could I just rent gear cheaply in chiang mai, then I would just like to buy some super cheap jeans to throw or give away after as I will be where its to warm for jeans. Thanks ahead of time!
  2. There are an increasing number of shops in Chiang Mai, to buy the things you want, but not all are easy to find. Prices may be higher than places like Paddock in Bangkok. Some bike rental shops also have protective gear available.If you want to keep the gear and have time buy in Bangkok and have more time for riding up here. Cheap jeans available in virtually every town in Thailand, some good ones here, but Kevlar riding jeans probably not available in Chiang Mai.
  3. Mr Mechanic has some rental gear if you rent a bike from them.
  4. If you have time and want to buy the gear... Go to Paddock in Bangkok..
    If you take the MRT it is Huay Qang station.. My spelling is wrong.. but you will work it out.

    They have everything you could want and at low to high prices..

    Otherwise rent..

  5. I have been searching for days to find this tread, I don't exactly know how I found it now, but thanks guys! is it pretty cheap to rent gear. ill be in thailand for a couple more weeks after that and dont want to carry it around if I buy it. I could sent it home I guess but if its cheap I could just rent it. any recommendations on what gear I would need? I kept reading about shin protection. I have never ridden with that before, I rode around allot in India always in shorts sandals and a tshirt an of coarse a helmet. I heard its chilly in chiang mai tho so maybe I should get a padded jacket or something
  6. I'm looking for the same thing and pm'ed a user here regarding gear purchase in CNX. He recommended Helmet2home (

    Punch the coordinates into google and it'll give you the location. 18.781349,98.997304

    Prices are also slightly negotiable I've been lead to believe. Hopefully this is of some use and I'll be there this time next week picking out some gear. Ride safe.
  7. Thanks guys! I have to check all this stuff out, I have already found the locations and everything in my lonely planet. These forums are great I have never really used forums but you guys where really helpful! I have ridden around allot in India but wore nothing but t-shirt shorts, sandals and a helmet, but would it be allot different riding around in this part of asia in terms of I should wear more protection? I mean I heard it was colder so for sure gotta stay warm, riding here in Sweden is miserable just before winter if your not clothed right, and I dont want to ruin this trip at all. But I was wondering on any advice for what gear would be the most important on this curvy road? like whats excessive and what necessary. how did you guys dress for your trip? I am really excited I keep hearing more and more about how amazing this loop is!
  8. It doesn't take much to have a serious injury if you come off or a long time recovering and a scar from gravel rash.

    Look at:- Boots, knee protection, jacket and gloves.. as well as your helmet.
    You could be the best rider in the world.. but if someone runs you off the road or you lose it around a bend..
    You need to protect yourself so it is a minor scrape and not a long period recovering because you didn't have any protective gear on.

    Always amazes me the back packers that ride the loop in shorts and T-shirts with only a helmet..
    Come of at 30 or 50 kph and their skin will be spread all over the tarmac.

    Have a good trip


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