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  1. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    Since NO Thai insurance company is willing to insure my bike for even 3rd Party in Cambodia, I have been told that you can buy this at the border by the Thai insurance companies.

    Is this true?
    Will it cover 3rd party enough? Not like the compulsory Thai insurance which covers to little and you end up paying a shitload in case of a spill...

    ANY info would be highly appreciated.

    Cheers Bard
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  3. dtd

    dtd Ol'Timer

    u can get the third party insurance in cambodia only when u r the owner of the bike---enuff documents to show u have bought it from the previous owner if u have not changed the name in the registration card--- and cambodian driving license is compulsary.

    as for the car, they will provide u more options and the minimum period of insurance should be one year at least---if i am not wrong.

    if you are NOT staying in the city--i mean pp, those ppl who work in the inssurance company will NOT wake up during the night, or drive all the way to where u r just to solve the problems for you. I guess they dont have a helecopter to fly and help u. aint that insurrance for the bike sound like a waste?

    i have been riding in cambodia for long and never bothered to have insurance. normally, they get the insurance for the car if they are the owner of the car rental-- they are afraid of the client to pawn their cars or steal the cars and drive in vn for cash.

    i assume that dirt bikes are MOST OF THE TIME unwanted, except u ride new scooter like honda scooter, for instance, which are easy to sell out after stealing or robbing. some might not even know how to operate a dirt bike. oftentimes, they will come and look at ur bike at the parking since they dont see that kinda bikes often.

    just ride smart and deal smart in cambodia.
  4. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the info dtd, that sucks... So no bike insurance in Cambo, I will check with the international adventure insurance agencies then...

    Well have to stick to the dirt as much as we can... I guess...

    Medivac is covered by my medical insurance and YES believe it or not it covers chopper evac even in Cambo, guess the armed forces have some choppers they use for high paying international insurance agencies, mine is through my job, and as I work in extremely inhospitable places I guess there is a premium the company have to pay for this. But heck I am happy for it...
  5. dtd

    dtd Ol'Timer

    while getting lost, rowan re-assured me that there would be a chopper come to pick him up just in case there was something wrong----that made me feel better--even i did not really believe in that so i sticked to him closer coz i thought i would be included in the chopper---just in case something wrong.

    however, i dont really think the local insurance company will have chopper-- or maybe i am wrong with that. they wont get the lil money and get their chopper ready, make sense? About losing ur bike, its not a matter for u to concern that much in insurance. For health or crash, maybe.

    well, while riding in those remote areas, if you see some wild animals, dont get off ur bikes. those animals treat ur bikes like another type of animals and they are unlikely to attack. Roar the engine and that will scare them away.
  6. bill

    bill Ol'Timer

    If you have a Cambo registered bike (in your name) and a Cambo drivers license then 3rd party insurance is available.
    I was quoted ~$80 for a DRZ400 last year from these two insurers.

    You could email them and ask if they offer a product for your needs.
  7. dtd

    dtd Ol'Timer

    it is possible even the bike were not registered with ur name. u buy from the previous owner with paper of selling/buying.

    the process of changing the name in ur registration card is like a pain in the arses. i used to ask to change the registered name to mine and it costed me 45 bucks thru a guy who runs the paper work.

    i stop calling him after knowing it will take ages. however, it is not a matter since u have the registration card--- with someone's name or whoever. that shows the bike belongs to u--- i assume if this works only in cambodia or in another country. as for the paper of buying/selling, u can fake one.
  8. LaudJohn

    LaudJohn Ol'Timer


    My DR650 is insured for 3rd party cost was $75, my wifes moto has the same cover at the same price.

    Our car is comprehensively insured and the premium is 4% of value with a minimum insurance premium of $200.

    Through Caminco.

    We have even go our Khmer driver, who we let use the car occasionallu put on the car policy.

    All this to use the vehicles for less about 6 weeks a year these days!



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