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  1. We crossed boarder two weeks ago from Thailand to Maleisia nearby Satun, road number 4184. If you cross boarder with a Thai registrated bike you have to let your green book translated in English at the Ministry of Transport. Than they give you a paper that you need for insurrance in Maleisia. If you don't stay in Thailand for at least one year and if you don't have an adress in Thailand, you can not get this paper. Than if you make your insurrance in order in Maleisia you have to get the original paper of the insurrance, it is blue or green color, otherwise you can not cross boarder in Singapore. Today we would cross boarder to Singapore and they didn't let us in because we did not have the original insurrance paper. So check everything. Hopefully this will help some people to cross boarders.
  2. hello fillip i am now in krabi to let my green boek tanslatet . i am not a residend in thailand but i am gone try too enter mallasia enyway . keep you up to date wat wil happen
  3. i crosed the border in sungai kolok there was no problem with the bike . i even didend translated the green boek . i asked tree times if there was no problem too take the bike in . they just said go no problem
  4. Hallo Samson
    I see you cross boarder.To get in with the motorbike is no problem.
    What about insurrance ?
    Do you have one ?
  5. i have a thai insurense but noting from malasia
  6. Then you must becareful.
    Wish you good luck en drive safety.
    Go to visit cameron highlands it is very nice,also the way to Frasers Hill.
    En dont forget to take road number 4 the east-west way in the nord of Malaysia also very nice.
    See you
  7. Did anyone use a Carnet De Passage?

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  8. i dident have a carrnet
  9. When you have a thai registraded bike you dont need a carnet de passage.When the bike is not thai registraded i think you need to use
    your carnet de passage.

    Greetings Filip.
  10. Hello samson how was your trip in Malaysia.

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