Boiling water, no warning lights

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    I am having for some time headache with my cooling system.
    First my temperature went to high, into the red. I changed the mud cap, my theory was the previous mud cap was too small thereby too much mud was blocking the cooler. It worked for several weeks. Then the light came on again, too hot! The cover of the cooler was changed, assumption the cover valve. It worked for some time.

    Then we went up Doi Saket ,steep. On top switched of the motor. Alarm! I heard clearly boiling noises.NO WARNIG SIGNAL Ignition on again, to get auxiliary electric water pump running.
    Red light came on very shortly, temperature fell very quickly back to normal. Checked water, filled up but not much .

    Wanted to see Joe but didn't know what to tell him. It all didn't make sense.
    Today going South, the boiling started again. NO WARNIG LIGHTS.
    Turned around ,went to Joe, stopped , much boiling plus for the first time water run out from somewhere.

    Very comforting= Tom stuck his finger into the replenishing tank,and had oil on it. Wonderful ! Plus not only the replenishing tank but also the cooler was empty.
    This was the good news. The bad news was Joe has his shop full of work, cannot work on my lame Silverwing for another 10 days. Oh happy day.
    Only consolation was a visit over on the other side Joe's street where a new Patisserie had opened. A DREAM, finest Parisian Patisserie, I swear, prepared by a Paris trained patisserie chef
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    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    The logic escapes me. All instrument are on normal, temperature, no oil lamp goes on.
    How can water boil repeatedly and the motor doesn't seem to overheat.

    Starts samesame, acceleration torque samesame.

    Even if the water warning lamp plus the fan both need water in the cooler to work properly,

    1. the temperature gauge should have gone up gradually as water level drops --- it did not

    2. if there is no water or only boiling water in the cooler the motor ought to overheat rapidly and the oil lamp switch did not.

    Can someone help my desire to understand what is going on,, please.

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    Hasse, thanks, it always helps to know that you are not the only person in the whole world suffering from an inexplicable problem :)

    I believe your observations come very close to what actually happened.
    When I noticed the boiling the first time I topped up the water. Much to my surprise there was not much to top up, the replenishing tank, or whatever the thing is called , was more or less ok.

    Meaning the cooler was empty and boiling because water must have been pressed out WITHOUT replacement water flowing from the replenishing tank.

    Of course I know Joe will find the answer but I suffer from the MUSTTRYTOUNDERSTANDSYDROM :)


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