Books, Ewan Mcgreger + Charlie Boorman. (SOLD...).

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by wildpikey, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. wildpikey

    wildpikey Member

    I have the set of books:

    Long way round,
    Long way down,
    Race to Dakar,

    I want to get rid of them but I don't want 20 baht from Gecko books !

    All good condition and a very good read.

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  3. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Maybe you would like to say what you do want, or maybe people start here by offering 30 Baht.
  4. Thomo

    Thomo New Member

    Picked up the first two in a 2nd hand shop on Khao San for 300b each. Originals, not photocopies. Good reads, especially having download both the TV series.
  5. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    I checked Gecko Books online.................

    Long way round, = 300 baht in stock at Gecko Books
    Long way down, not available
    Race to Dakar, = 290 baht in stock at Gecko Books

    So if you want the set, "Wild Pikey's offer seems a good source.
  6. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    I'm reading "By All Means" by Charly Boorman at the moment, good read, he's making his way from Wicklow in Ireland to Wollongong in Australia on anything that moves.

    It's a big phat book with lots of color photos, UK pounds 12,99 new.

    Anybody interested in the book let me know...

    You can also download the videos.
  7. Ducatillon

    Ducatillon Ol'Timer

    I am interested in the books. I sent you a PM. Thanks!
  8. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    That should be "By Any Means", and it should be "He's MADE his way from...."

    I rode in the convoy from Wollongong to Sydney tp end the series about 3 years ago... one of the scariest things I've ever done... 1,000 bikes, all trying to be superstars and get on the camera... through peak hour Sydney traffic...

    I even have the sticker on the back of the KLR...

  9. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Actually I think the statement " he's making his way " is correct because the guy said that he is " reading " the book at the moment and therefore the story of the journey is not yet finished. Also I don't think your correction to " he's made " ( he has made ) is right either because that might imply that he is still there and the journey is not yet over. I think " he made " the journey is probably the best way to say that the journey is finished. No offence intended and if I am wrong I will stand corrected.
  10. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    jon... you are probably right... "pa don't go much for book learnin"

    Be intersting to know if the book was any good...

    Any chance of a review wildpikey???

    I read LWR and thought it was really good...
  11. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Hey, english is my second language, give me a break! :)

    Of course the title is not "By All Means" - I stand corrected. I mean who in his right mind would travel to Australia by all means? Not even the Irish.

    That I'm reading the book, though, is a fact.

    Shouldn't it be "all TRIED to be superstars and get in front of the cameras"? That's definitely in the past... ;-)
  12. wildpikey

    wildpikey Member

    Yes, fortunately Charlie Boorman had Ewan for company on the "bike trip" books. The LWR and the LWD were good reads, as was the TV show.

    Unfortunately, Charlie Boorman is exactly like the name says, "a right boring cunt!" sorry to be coarse.

    So the third book, race to Dakar, was a bit shit really,(he lasted about a day and is a pussy by the sounds of things) also the "by any means" TV series was very sad too. He was trying to make a buck off the fact that he knew Ewan really.(my opinion only)

  13. Ducatillon

    Ducatillon Ol'Timer

    Hey Stu, thanks a lot for the books again. I started reading the first one on the way back to Bangkok and enjoying it so far. I rented an ER6N on my second day in Chiang Mai. Great combination :)
  14. wildpikey

    wildpikey Member

    no worries mate, enjoy, I hope you also enjoyed riding round chiangmai, I'd better edit this post to say the books are gone now.


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