Border Crossing Muang Ngeum/Chaloem Phra Kiat

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  1. According to sources, the border will go fully international in December.
    Dear James,

    The border between Lao and Thailand in Muang Ngeun is going to be an international checkpoint in the end of this year (they say december 19th ...). Just for your information. The road between Hongsa and the border is although unpaved but good to ride and its just 46 km away from Hongsa.

    Bike import is a good question.

    more when I know or someone crosses!
  2. Yes indeed, the date scheduled is Dec 19.
    However I believe it when it happens, as it was first "international" on the Thai side in 1995. So it's been a long time coming on the Laos side, probably waiting until they improved the road to the Mekong.

    Previously you needed special permission to use this port crossing from Thai - Laos if you were a non-local.
    Check out this amusing one from Feb 2007 ... t2211.html
  3. Just a bit more. IMHO once this is fully open & INTERNATIONAL Nan will be the gateway to Luang Prabang. You can almost forget about Chiang Khong I dare venture to say. Boat from Pak Beng / Thaxouang to LPQ 3/4 day slow boat / a couple of hours speed boat.

    Another checkpoint from Nan to Laos should also open in the future.
    This one goes from Pak Huat to the Laos border & Muang Phieng, just south of Xayaboury. From Xayaboury it's only 80 kms up the valley to LPQ, easy & no mountains. I know Thais who have already done this trip by Honda Dream.
    Pak Huat is off the east side of Doi Phukha, & as the crow flies only 16 kms from the border. By the same crow route it is approx 20 kms from the border to Muang Phieng inside Laos. Muang Phieng to Xayaboury is 30 kms by road. Possibly happen in 2 more years is my guess. All they have to do is fix the road on the Laos side & tourists will flock straight into Xayaboury & The Mekong nearby (boat downstream to Vte / upstream to LPQ, or simply drive to LPQ!)
  4. Something from 2006 ... t1431.html

  5. Have been up that border recently (some 8 months ago?) and yes, have met a group of tourists from Chiang Mai which crossed the border via said travel agency. Talked to the owner of the tour operation. There4 was a fellow who tried to exit there, but no way, tour operator said he can't really do it the other way around, if he would give it a shot it would go via Vientiane, might take days or weeks and nothing for sure...

    There was massive road construction from the border to the Mekong (north of Pakbaeng), talked to Thai engineers on the project, it's going to be rebuild all the way, car ferry planned, no bridge yet planned.
    He said border would likely open as a full international checkpoint somewhen when the road project is complete, by the end of the year -
    which would be maybe that dec 19 date is no bogus. But let's wait and see, there sure will be an official announcment once it really opens up.
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