Bordercrossing Loa-Cam without papers in our name

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  1. Hi,

    A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and me made it eventually afther 5 days to cross into Loas (chiang Kong) because the Thai paperwork was not in our name and the authoritypapers suplied by the owner was not in order.
    Afther reading Swedishrider's report (bordercrossing for dummies) I tought it would be practical (now we find ourselves in Vientianne) to follow his advice on go for a permissionletter from the embassy here.
    I was not really surprised when I heared that they were not isueing one (unbelievebale lazy if you ask me) but I was not happy to hear that you cannot enter if the paperwork is not in your name...
    If so this would be the last of our endless list of problems encountered on this trip because it would be the end of it. Offcourse i am going to try it anyway. How much change do you give me? any advice more then welcome...

    greetz Niels
  2. I would say no problems at all to enter Cambo, they never look at the papers on the Cambo side, an if they do,,, well they can't read anyway. Go for it, your chanses are 99 %

    Scandinavian riders Banlung
  3. I agree with Hovis but put your odds at 99.9% and the remainder .01 is supplied with a 10 USD bill or less.

    Cambodia is extrememly easy to enter/exit as long as you have a visa or there is visa on arrival.


    Ride Safe
  4. yep,
    thanks guys. made it easy there. they let us trough at the bordercrosing and we had to go 60 km further to do the costums at ST. we just catched the last ferry (18u00) to cross the mekong or we had to sleep on the other side. next day the customofficer was not there so we made first a trip to ratanakiri and went back 3 days later. no probs here. didnt pay anything...
    greetz niels
  5. Good stuff there Niels - you're trip is going well. But what happened between 1 Dec 2005 & 21 June - have you got anything more to contribute - there must tbe some juicy morsels you want to share with us?

    Keep The Power On

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