Bros 650 stolen in Chiang Mai.

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  1. Hey all.

    Teacher Kevin has had his Honda BROS 650 stolen.

    It was at the school on Ratchamankha just up from my place when some guys pulled up and loaded it on a ute.

    He is offering a 10000 Baht reward for finding the thief (I presume he would like the bike back as well ...).

    I have some flyers @ pirates cove or you can contact Teacher Kevin on 0891356445.

    The bike is a 1992 model black in colour with a grey seat. It is a little old chipped and has a half missing left mirror. It has dunlop tyres and broken stop light.

    Plate number is 671 and is from Nakon Ratchasima
    (No thai letters supplied will try to get and edit in later)

    Engine Number is RC31E-1002519
    Frame Number is RC31-1002520

    Police have been informed and the school caretaker saw it happen.



    (edit : add pics and up reward)
  2. 12 years in CNX and never heard of big bikes being stolen until now. And then two in one month!
    What's happening,what's changing?
  3. From the Descriptions Both this Bros and the Africa Twin Stolen Hardly sound like they were worth Stealing? :shock: One has to Wonder what is the Point in Flogging an Old Sh***er when there are any Amount of Brand New and Restored Minters Running around? :wink:
  4. I'll add that a customer of ours had his rented Honda Click (white, reg # 989) stolen from outside the Beer Stube at 8:30 in the evening 10 days ago. Place had customers but there were no witnesses so we reckon someone just wheeled it away, despite our customer swearing that the steering lock was on.

    Times are hard for a lot of people now and theft is on the increase in all areas. I live out in the sticks but recently someone has stolen two concrete fence posts from my land - for what, the rebar inside? It's going to get worse too as the political malarky has the knockon effect of job losses within the tourist related industries. Lock it or lose it.

    Think I'll have to train my bull terrier to ride pillion and guard my Bonnie!!!


  5. I agree Pickey things will get tougher and stealing will increase so be aware of the situation - my positive action will be to buy a front disc lock with visual bright coloured cable to bars as seen in Aust.
    Stupid low cost things have also been stolen from my house. I thought because CNX is so close too boaders bike and car theft would be on the cards at least that what the night cops tell me everytime they stop me at night or is this a excuse to check for booze ?
  6. Ken as you can see a disc lock will not protect the bike. They are lifting them into pick ups and driving off.
  7. ....And what's he going to do if they try and steal it, lick them to death? :lol:
  8. JohhnyE I appreciate the easiest way to steal a bike is to place on a ute however they still need to move it. Disc locks have 110db alarms fitted and when movement is detected the alarm activates. At the end of the day a owner must try to make it harder for the bastards. Your old FZ1 is performing very nicely thanks & regards.
  9. Yep, or go into the house and bring the keys out to them ;-)

    Actually, when we are not in the house or are sleeping, he's a pretty damn good guard dog, ask Con's missus - 30kg of snarling pit bull behind the gate kind of put her off coming in and waiting for Kat ;-)

    Seriously though, a good dog, whatever the size, is a good deterrent to thieving lowlifes snooping around for easy money and I foresee dog ownership amongst farangs that rent/own houses with a garden increasing.

    Onto Ken and Johnny's comments, when we bought an Airblade for Kat, we got an alarm/immobilizer fitted. If I remember right, it was about 1800THB. It's got the regular motion sensor but also, with the remote zapper, you can start and stop the engine from a distance of up to 100 metres. So if you see some scumbag legging it on your bike, you can cut the engine then stroll up and kick the living crap out of him. I don't know if they are generic but if so, a cheap solution to a growing problem (and you don't have to feed it a kilo of meat and biscuits everyday!)

    Cheers & no more pisstaking or I'll get Mr Bones to lick you to death!!!!

    <img src=""Mr%20Bones"'%20pic%20is%20gone.%20Sorry%20Pikey,%20but%20YUK!!%20LOL%20Davidfl" alt="" />

  10. Pikey, is this you trying to train your dog?

    <img src=""
  11. Something like that KZ. Actually, the English Bull Terrier in that pic is the absolute spitting image of the new pup well-known dog hater Ian Bungy has just got.

    Apologies if I offended anyone with my porno dog shot earlier ;-)


  12. The dog would probably just be a bonus.
    There's been a lot of dogs stolen in Doi Saket area lately.
    Bar b q anyone?

  13. Porno dog? I didn't see it! Could you send it to my private mailbox?
    It sounds like it's just what I want to be offended with!

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