Buy Bike Phnom Penh or Bangkok


Mar 26, 2005
How much can we expect to pay for a Yamaha TTR 250 1996 or similar bike/year in Phnom Penh? We will be arriving in Bangkok in the next few days and have seen TTR 250 on Siam Superbike site for 100,000 baht, thats 1300 sterling, this bike is registered. If we go to Phnom Penh ( which was our original intention) can we get a much better deal? We will fly to PP as we hate buses/tains and this will cost us 200 sterling which needs to be factored in. There is also the extra time required to fly to PP and then ride back to Northen Thailand, although we have a few months to spare. Any advice much appreciated as usual.
Nov 23, 2005
Price of such bike in Phnom Penh is around 1000 US$
You can check at Flyingbike or Vay shop

Jul 24, 2005
A very subjective impression from hunting for bikes and bikeshops in both Bangkok and Phnom Penh is that most bikes in Bangkok are in a better shape than the ones in Phnom Penh (hmm, could it have something to do with the state of the roads...). However prices seems to be slightly cheaper in Phnom Penh even for similar standards. In the stores I went to (Lucky! Lucky! and a few other close by) they said that my Honda XR would be around $3500 and I paid $4100 at Siam Superbike. However I would still easily have chosen Bangkok since the guys at Siam Superbike sorted out registration, tax and insurance. Phnom Penh and Cambodia is interesting to visit though and dirt bike riding is great (just take a road with a number above 10 and you need a dirtbike).