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  1. I heard of a new law of sorts.I will be moveing to cambodia soon.what are the requirements for a driving license if any other than cash?is lucky lucky still the best place?I also will be looking for a bike and a apartment(Jim I would like to support you and stay at your hotel but Ineed to support myself).Any hook ups would be appreiated.Oh yea the bike 250 w/baja set up.and legit.
  2. Hi Mitch,

    Yes IMHO Lucky, Lucky is still the best place at $35 for a genuine licence. Just make sure you have a photo and an International Driving Permit and a your licnece from home.

    I may be selling my Suzuki Djbiel 250 soon if you are interested (I am looking at a 650 tomorrow). Vays and Flying bikes both have "Cambo new" Bajas for sale at the moment. Things are very quiet here at the moment, it's a good time to find an apartment. A friend is moving out of a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, just 60m from Martinies, for which the rent is around $220 pcm.

    BTW Jim's place (Cafe California 2) has some of the cheapest beer around town at 75 cents a can; more and more people hang out there to drink these days.

    good luck
  3. Thanks for the info.Ishould be back in Cambodia in about the middle of August.On my last trip I spent a lot of time sucking down those 75 cent beers and I'm sure I will spend even more time there.I dont have either license now though the international sounds easy to get.With a international and a few extra bucks?
  4. Mitch 10 bucks and your ca license will get you the international permit at triple A. bring pass port pics as they will ding you for those. it isnt really necessary but it is added insurance against cop stops and border crossings. like john said, now is a good time to get a pretty decent bike as the tourist numbers are down. cost have gone up a little from what they use to be but still bargains to be had. motorcyle parking is the main concern when looking for an apt. that will bring the price up in the riverfront area but getting farther up or down river and farther west, you can get a pretty decent place for price. security is always an issue here.

    as for the rest of the board, sorry I havent posted in a while, done some good trips the last couple of months and will get them posted soon. sorry for the delay.

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