Capt Slash Farewell Night??

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  1. Captain Slash
    When you get back to Cnx, & before you go home to ol blighty, let's get together for a bit of a nosh up (farang food for you) & some liquid refreshments.
    Meet outside a 7-11 & go from there.
    Anyone else interested?
  2. Colin,

    I'm gonna miss you by a few days Colin. Seems we're always on passing planes. Great to see your contributions to the task of racking up KM on bikes. Good on ya and hope you enjoyed yourself. See you in December then.
  3. I will be up for that!!! Looks like any Day 18th -20th?
  4. Colin, (David and all), it would be good to have a "Capt Slash Farewell" natter before you go, I leave CNX for a family holiday trip south on 20th so 18 - 19 would be good to meet up if possible.

  5. I would also like to join up.
  6. Sounds like we've got a group alright.
    I reckon meet outside the 7-11 opposite the UN Irish for a photo shoot, then jump across the street to the UNI for some of the Captain's approved farang food, if that meet's with the good Captain's approval?
    Now just for date / night?
  7. Oops Captain you've beaten me to the gun while I was composing. The Kafe is alright by me anytime, but I insist on the 7-11 photo shoot. Ha. Ha.
  8. Great, this is in serious danger of actually happening!


  9. I'd be up for that too and as times/venues are yet to be decided, unless anyone objects, 8pm on wednesday 19th, park up outside the UN Irish or 7/11 depending on which side of the street is legal that night, take piccies and then into the pub for a nosebag and a natter.

    Good enough?


  10. Will do :D


  11. Tonight's the night then....
    8 pm outside 7-11 on Ratchawithi, opposite the UN Irish.

    See you all there.
  12. Been & done. A good night. Thanks to those who turned up.



    I think the Captain enjoyed himself.
  13. You can't beat a night in the 7/11.

    Bon voyage Captain.
  14. David

    Perhaps you can write names of the guys/gals in the foto's for those who haven't ventured up there yet...

    Se yer on yer next trip Colin...
  15. Hurry back Capt. I'll be scratching around for trip reports in your absence.

    I'm planning a 2 week trip next December and will definately try and catch up with you and the other GT Riders.

    All the best and thanks for all the great trip reports.
  16. How's this....



    Good enough?
  17. Dont people look different when a face gets put to a name..
    Just one ?.....Who is the Back Door Alien.

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