Chang Yeam (Hat Lek) - Koh Kong Border Crossing (Malaysian Registered Car)

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  1. Went over to the above mentioned border with: -
    - Malaysian registered 4x4
    - Malaysia Passport + Embarkation Form
    - My vehicle registration
    - Thailand import/export document

    The Cambodia custom only allows 160km radius of driving, i.e. we can't even drive to Silkhanoville or Phnom Phenh legally. Plus, you won't be able to buy any insurance at all.

    The custom will also keep the "Thailand import/export document" (documents when you enter Thailand), and they will hand you an A4 laminated document (with Cambodian language written + number).

    We were trying to enter Koh Khong and exit from Poi Pet, unfortunately the custom at Koh Khong is holding over Thai import/export documents.

    Does this applies to motorcycle as well? I am planning to ride my motorcycle next month to the same border and give it a try.
  2. I am also interested in replies to OP's enquiry. I am planning a similar trip on malaysian registered bike entering through poipet and exiting through Koh kong. Cheers!
  3. Hi rob7711,

    I am planning for a recce trip next month to ride in from Hat Lek and coming out from PoiPet (or Vice Versa). Do you wanna join me?

    Tentatively looking at: -
    1st Day - Sg Buloh to Surat Thani
    2nd Day - Surat Thani to Amphawa
    3rd Day - Amphawa to Trat
    4th Day - Trat to Phnom Penh (or Silkhanouville)
    5th Day - Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
    6th Day - Siem Reap to Bangkok
    7th Day - Bangkok to Chumphon
    8th Day - Chumphon to Hatyai
    9th Day - Hatyai to Home

    No specific date yet, I am kinda flexible.

    Do let me know if you are interested to ride with me, as I might be doing SOLO :(

    Thank you.
  4. Thanks bro for the invitation but I am afraid I can't make it next month. Your planned ride is similar to what I plan to do this coming November with another buddy. Perhaps you would like to join us instead of having to go solo. PM me if you would like to discuss further. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for inviting, could you please drop me your contact details at [email protected], I will contact you when I return to Malaysia.

    Currently with family at Chumphon, tomorrow Hatyai then day after back to Subang.

    Thank you once again.
  6. I _presume_ it's the same process entering Cambo with a Malaysian licensed bike as it is with a Thai licensed bike. I've ridden in Cambo numerous times and the procedure for me is likely what you will experience, except you are checking out of Malaysia.

    I have often exited Thailand at their Immigration facilities at Hat Lek, then it's a mere 200-yards to Cambo Immigration at Cham Yeam. At Thai Immigration I check out of the country (passport), then obtain an Im/Ex doc for my Thai licensed bike. I need my green book (bike registration). The Im/Ex doc is free (at least in the past), then I take the docs, passport and green book across the road to Thai Customs which enters the info in their computer. The Thai Im/Ex doc is valid for 30-days, yet I've sometimes greatly exceeded that w/o problem. Then it's 200-yards to Cambo Immigration where I obtain a visa. Note: the visa is $20-US (best to use $US...though they accept other currencies, but in all cases will try to scam you into paying more.
    Cambo Immigration will also claim you need a health certificate...which is another scam. Ignore this...or claim you a doc! Cambo does _not_ require seeing any info about your bike, yet some touts will claim you need to register it. Another scam..ignore them! Once you obtained your visa, simply hop onto your bike and ride on. There is _no_ limitation as to where you can go in country. Note, that, unlike Thailand and Malaysia, you drive on the right side if the road, not the left. Be very careful riding in Cambo, a land of many suicidal drivers! You are not required to exit Cambo at Cham can be at any of the regular border points.
    Happy trails...
  7. Thanks cdrw for the reply,

    I would assume for motorcycle it will be way easier, as many have told me the same as well.

    Just one question, is there a way to purchase Laos insurance? I don't seem to find any at the Hat Lek border.

    Thank you once again.
  8. Lao insurance...usually obtained at an agency at the border as you are entering Laos.
    If entering at a more remote border (like Dongkalaw, etc.), which may not have an insurance agency representative,
    then after you enter Laos. You may be able to obtain insurance at the Lao consulate in Phnom Penh...but dunno for sure?

    More... Cambo: it is illegal to have your headlights on during the day, so install a simple switch to turn off your motorcycle's headlight during the day.
    OTOH, it is _not_ illegal to drive at night without using your lights...which creates many road hazards. Best not to ride a bike at night, primarily outside of the towns!
  9. Sorry, my question was Cambodia insurance :)

    And thanks for the info with regards to the headlights.

    Thank you

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