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  1. Next bike racing meets are 25 Feb and 25 March. Qualifying from 9:00 and racing from 2:00ish.
    Great fun. For those not familiar, Speedway is 3-4km down Hang Dong Road on the right.
  2. I had information that there was a Go-Kart race on 25-Feb from a friend whose son is racing out there. Obviously one of the events is incorrect.
  3. Yes, Karting is indeed on 25 Feb, contrary to info I received when i went to speedway last week.

    Called in again today and obtained correct info:

    Bike racing. Sundays. Qualifying from 9:00; racing from 11:00, on following 2007 dates:

    11 March
    8 April
    13 May
    10 June
    8 July
    12 August
    9 September
    14 October
    11 November
    9 December

    Racing is in following classes:

    1. Family 110cc
    2. Family 125cc
    3. Automatic 125cc
    4. Underbone 4 125cc
    5. X-Formula 400cc up
    6. Family Motard
    7. Supermotard Open
    8. Open Class
    9. Auto Mini 50cc

    Entry to racers 400 Baht. Winner takes 60%. Trophies for first three.

    Speedway telephone 053 430059. Mobile 089 4334904.

    Hope this clarifies. Apologies for any confusion.

  4. Jim,
    Where do the CBR150's of Johnadda fit into these categories?
    He needs a prod to get out there!
  5. JohhnyE,

    Quick as he is, Jonno on his CBR would prob have to race in the open class where he would get whooped by the guy on the red Fireblade! (would beat me though! [;)]).

    My money for a GT-Rider rep, would be on Suzukiluke in the Open Motard, especially after trying to keep up with him both on and offroad......


  6. JohhnyE,

    Jonnadda's CBR150 obviously fits in the "Open" class, as in open yer flaps and piss on me bike! [;)]
  7. There's bike racing at the go kart track tomorrow Sunday 8th April 2007.
    05 August Cycle Cross (M-X?)
    12 August Motor Bikes
    26 August Go-karts

    9 September Motor Bikes

    14 October Motor Bikes

    11 November Motor Bikes

    9 December Motor Bikes
  9. No motor bike racing there today.......
  10. Yeah sorry about that Gus, I guess I need to check with them & see what the changed calendar is.
    Unfortunately I think they change dates at short notice & then don't bother to publicize it.
    Were you able to ascertain if the 9th December meeting is still on or not?
  11. No mate didn't go in as it was dead quiet. Had the camera all fired up too.
  12. Sorry, reviving an old thread. But just a note to say that the Chiang Mai Speedway will be closing (if not already, info is a week old) as the lease is NOT being renewed (by the owner if my info is correct.)

    No more bike or kart track in Chiang Mai.
    Who's going to step up to the plate & build a new one for the local bike fans?
  13. I would Love to Build a New Go-Kart Track but the thought of Being in Major Debt for the Rest of My life is a bit disconcerting, I have enough already??? It's the Land Prices being so Expensive that is the Major Problem. You need a Large area to make a Full Size Track! Interestingly I was Talking to a Taxi Driver who Claimed They want to Build a International Track to Host Formula 1 in Thailand and are Currently looking for a Suitable location? These Guys quite often get the Story wrong so to be Taken with a Grain of Salt! Lets hope someone takes the Leap and Builds one! In the Mean time I will keep looking for some Cheap Land?
  14. Unfortunately, I can't say that the track has been getting much support lately. In the past, we were informed of the bike races (by the organizers) and we had a fair number of riders attend. Also, renting the track to test our skills, or lack their of, on both our motorcycles and Karts was a fun activity for some time. I haven't seen anyone out there for at least the past year or more. It's a shame. It was really quite fun. :(

    I thought the track was owned and operated by Michelle (?) and her husband living in Hong Kong. I didn't think it was a lease option. Is this info confirmed? It certainly could not have been supporting itself in any sense from what I have seen lately. I seldom see anyone on the track. Could be a chance to get a good deal on some used Karts to terrorize the neighborhood or something. :crazy:
  15. Silverhawk
    My info came from Thais that have been using the track for years & running events there; & the word is Michelle & Co only leased it, not owned it. This too was a surprise to me.
    Of note also is a court case going on re an accident there several months ago with an attempt to sue for damages. There are other ongoing financial problems & apparently the owner does not wish to renew the lease.
  16. I can't say that I am really surprised by any of the above. Typical. :-?
  17. Land was only Leased and they have known for some time it was about to end! Last Year one of their Staff came here asking for a Job! I don't think whoever it was Running it cared too much as there was never much effort put in to Marketing, Appearance or Management? looked pretty Neglected? I heard Rumors about Accidents but Only know of One for sure which a lot of Us know about. It was an OK Track but the Location was Bad in My View? All Action Activities seem to located north of the City!

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