Chiang Post Office Petrol?

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  1. I'm flying into Chiang Mai and going directly to pick up my bike at Kam Tien post office. Last time I did this they had drained out the petrol and finding gas was a pain in the ass as the service station refused to fill my plastic water bottle (understandably) and I couldn't find a convenient place to buy an actual gas can. Finally got a motorcycle taxi driver at Tesco to work it out.

    Anybody have an easy answer? Is there one of those places selling it by the bottle anywhere around there or an unattended do it yourself coin operated pump?

  2. See if the guys at Piston Shop will help you out.
    They are 1 kms away in the same street, towards the moat.

    Chiang Mai Motorcycle Shops



    Make sure you give them a tip.

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion. That should work!

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