Condition of road from Pailin to Koh Khong

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  1. 8 more days and then you will find the 3 of us on our Honda 250 XR's in Cambodia. TRip report will follow, Murray bought a helmet camera so we hope to be able to give you a moving impression.

    After going for Preah Khan and route 66 first we are planning to move over to the west side. We are not sure what the condition of the road between Pailin and Koh Kong is and whether we can drive it in 1 day. Did anybody drove this road the last couple of weeks? If yes we would appreciate an update of the condition of the road.

    Thanks in advance

    Bertil Prins
  2. Hi

    According of what I heard, the "road" or at least what has been a road is now in terrible condition. Most probably water level of rivers crossing will be low. But be prepared to carry your bike on your shoulders over several hundred meters in some of the most difficult sections.
    I heard that some guys are trying to do it with small local moto, as it is more easy to carry them.

    Good luck and lets us know!!

    Maybe good to have a GPS, if you have to abandon one bike somewhere in the forest!!

    pH :shock:
  3. You can do it one day if you are experienced offroad and can get across the rivers OK, one is usually just deep enough not be able to be ridden thru, and of course if you don't get lost. Expect problems if it has rained, the water levels will come up and the track condition at best is poor, badly eroded.

    Take some provisions,water, inner tubes,tools etc as a minimum. Had to spend a night on one of the rutted hills when we run out of light and wished I'd packed a spare can of tuna.

    Good luck
  4. Interesting story about someones experience doing The Cardomans ... d=14&gl=au
  5. Bill-

    Really good tale in the link you posted. Don't know the author but I wish I could write that well.


    I have no idea why your photo link isn't working. If you cut and paste it into the web browser it works. Adding it to a post on the web site it doesn't, and you have entered it correctly. I tried playing with it for a while and can't find the problem, sorry. Admin??????
  6. Great pics Harry

    We had a couple of good showers this week in Snooky. A bit earlier than normal. Probably means the Cardomons got some rain as well so the river crossings might be up a bit ?

    Hoping to do this trip on my DRZ one day. A small group, 3-4 riders and someone with the gps track would be good.
  7. Hi Bill,

    Well the rain certainly won't help the guys that asked for the track conditions, they must be about due to do their trip now.

    I had the GPS track but somehow managed to loose it, but still have some of the main points. Maybe a good idea to post some GPS tracks on this forum, but that would make it too easy!!!

    A small group is good, and to take 2 days is also good so there is no rush. DRZ is good also, the XR650 is a bit heavy on some of the ruts, but love the low down grunt to pull out of any trouble.
  8. Hi
    A group of bikers just did the crossing very recently on small bike. Some are amount the best moto drivers I have ever seen. From Pramoi to some distance North of Kho Kong, they said they didn' meet a single human on the way.
    It took them over 2 days to cross it and said it is now extremely difficult.
    The main difficulty is that there is at least on place where you have to cross like a narrow canyon with a small river 4 m. below on a single tree laying down over. So each bike must be pushed with people handeling front and rear of bike along the tree. If it falls down then good luck to take it back. This " tree" crossing is feasible with a small bike but must very challenging with a 250 or over, they said!!
    Go to Rustykey hole in Kampot to get more info.

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