crossing border Laos / Cambodia OK

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  1. I confirm previous reports about possible crossing the border at 'hwy' 13.
    there was absolutely no trouble when i crossed at this lonesome borderpost on 06. Jan.. the more or less uniformed people there were only interested in collecting USD 3 (negotiations start at $5) each. on both sides no papers for the bike were asked. only to be on the safe side when exiting Cambodia i convinced them to stamp my carnet. two other germans who had crossed the border in opposite direction 2 weeks before had no carnets and did not bother about any paperwork for their bikes.
    if travelling south the last proper gas station is at Pakse (Veunkham is a 4km dirt road off the hwy and has only petrol from a barrel). the dirt road (5km from end of tarmac at the Veunkham turnoff to the borderpost is in ok condition whiole the 60km or so to Stung Treng can be demanding when wet (large mud holes). prepare to be ripped off at the crossing across the Sekong river by boat within sight of Stung Treng (USD 10 - no bargaining possible)
    from Stung Treng i crossed the Mekong on another shaky boat (this time only $ 3) and travelled the shortcut west to Siem Reap via Cheap, Rovieng, Ta Seng and Beng Melea as described in the lp guide. this was the most adventurous part of my 3 months trip and well worth the sweat. there is a not described and not signposted guesthouse in a khmer villa at rovieng (600m south of the roundabout at the left side) with extremly friendly people running it.
  2. Wolfgang
    Good stuff there mate.
    When you get back you might well be the master of the shaky boats.
    Pls drop us another line with some info & tips when you get time.
    Also, how'd you go with that Lao map of mine - how many kms errors did you find in the south of Laos?

    Keep the power on
  3. Thanks! Great to get news of this border, was going to start worrying us eventually (if we can get our bike going again)and about the guest house info - the kind of info you need after a long arduous day. Does anyone out there know why a Minsk would flood after starting? We've tried everything we know, and are starting to wonder if the fuel in Laos is quite different to Vietnam, or perhaps the bike is just homesick and is packing a sad. Carberettor levels are good, sparkplugs are sparking, air filter ok...we dunno...anyone?
  4. Dear Bat
    Not sure if they are any good with the ol' Minsk, but the best big bike service in Vientiane is from
    Feurd M/c Services
    Phone 020 602 652. 020 521 661.
    Feurd's shop is out on the new by-pass road, T2, that goes by the new Northern Bus Station, towards the airport side of town.

    Keep the power on
  5. Wolfgang,
    good to hear you made it through with no problems.
    wish i could have carried on with you, sounds like i could have blagged my bike through after all.(would have made the return to Kasi a bit dangerous though!)
    speak soon,

  6. "Maybe this old Snoul / Loc Ninh crossing is now open to foreigners?"

    Do you have ANY facts that might comfirm your statement, or are you just confusing the issue again?


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  7. "The issue" is that you post misleading information. This time, you see a line on an old map that shows a road that may not even exist, and start to speculate that it might be a border crossing open to foreigners.

    "The issue" is that this board exists to provide CURRENT information for motorcycle travel. If you have any, post it. Otherwise, take your posts to the Lonely Planet.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."

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