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  1. Does anyone know if the D-tracker 125cc is going on sale here in Thailand?...If so what sort of price? :)
  2. The bike would be a good option for my son and girlfriend to use around Jomtien, I asked at Kawa Pattaya but they seemed unwilling to say anything..maybe they have no idea.. Will wait and see what 2010 brings.
  3. I was in Chiang Mai Kawasaki yesterday speaking with the boss, and he said about a month before the 125s go on sale.
    The price was I think 82k for klx and 85 Dtracker.
    The 2 they had there for the grand opening were packed up the next day and taken back to Bangkok.
  4. The 125 Tracker will go on sale? That's good news and I should be happy, but then - it's a 125cc air cooled engine, like a 125cc Honda Wave. It may be a great scoot for around town but that's about it. Can't help asking myself why they didn't put in the 140cc of the little KLX, or even the 175cc of the Boss? Would that take buyers away from the weak Tracker 250?
  5. I would say the Price is Pretty good for a Real Bike!!! It is just over 1/2 the Cost of a KLX250 and all the New Scooters are getting up to around 60.000 Baht now :shock: And it is Still Cheaper than a Phantom and Probably a better Bike but We won't mention that :roll:
  6. You get a 200cc Honda cruiser for about 86,000 THB; you get a CBR150R with its nice little engine for about 66,000THB; those are Hondas, which are usually more expensive than Kawasakis.
    Kawasaki's 175cc cruiser is about 78,000 THB, so a 125cc supermoto is a bit pricey at 85,000 THB, upside down forks or not.
    I wonder if some parts of the140cc engine fit, that would make it a bit more interesting.
  7. I think the reason that it's 125cc maybe that they are aiming the bike at riders in the U.K & Europe where you can ride bikes up to 125cc on a normal drivers license, without having to take a bike test. As for the price... yes I do think it's expensive as far as the Thai market is concerned and would have been more competetive at around the 60,000 baht price. :D
  8. Well, Kawasaki has surprised us with quite decent prices before, let's wait and see...
  9. Here's what I found on the little D-Tracker:
    "With chassis components designed exclusively for the 125cc class (rather than borrowed from larger models), the KLX125 and D-TRACKER 125 have extremely well-balanced proportions that complement their sharp, modern styling. Wheel size is smaller than that of rivals (19â€
  10. Not sure I like the sound of 14 inch wheels, seems way too small for a 125, the kind of thing you find on kids bikes. Last bike I had with a 14 inch wheel was a CR80 with 14 rear and 17 front, and those bikes are aimed at 12 - 14 year olds. I think 17 & 17 same same D Tracker 250 would be way better, or at a push 16 & 16.
  11. I've noticed the rim size after I posted it, it must be a typo. They've got to be 17ers, even the CBR150R has 17ers. 19/16 sounds okay for the small KLX. Interesting is that the weight is almost the same as the 250...
  12. No , no mistake , I found the same on a German Motorcycle web page.

  13. They probably copied the mistake. If you check all the sites, you'll see that most show 17". Scooters have 14" wheels, and the 125 doesn't look smaller than the KLX140. Seat height is almost the same as the 250.
    Just ask yourself: How would a 125 with 14" wheels look?
  14. if the bike is 3/4 size as I imagine then I can see how the motard may have 14 inch rims..

    Think that the 110 KSR is 12 inchers (??).. And the full size 250 d-tracker is IIRC 17..

    I am guessing this is almost a minibike.. In fact for a long while I have been saying that it was odd they had the klx140 and no d-tracker 140 to give a small mid and full size options. So I am just guessing this is going to be just that, a small size machine between the ksr and a full size bike.

    Might be a fun once all the modders and tuners get working on them.. I guess you guys have seen what they do with ksr modding ?? Insane conversions to race rep, streetfighter, etc.
  15. Dammit, you may be right - I've checked the vidordown website = 17". But kawasaki's own site states 14", which would make it a peewee bike a bit bigger than the KSR - no thank you!
    Since the125 and 250 look almost identical in the pictures I thought it would be the same size but with a smaller engine. My old KLR250 looked the same size as my DR650, only that the DR was a bit beefier, same rims/tire size. So a KLX140L would be bigger?!
  16. This is from the Kawasaki website:
    Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke Single
    Displacement 125 cm3
    Bore x stroke 54.0 x 54.4 mm
    Compression ratio 9.5:1
    Valve/Induction system SOHC, 2 valves
    Maximum power 7.6 kW {10.3 PS} / 8,000 rpm
    Maximum torque 10.0 N.m {1.0 kgÆ’.m} / 6,400 rpm
    Fuel system Fuel injection: ø20 mm x 1 (Keihin)
    Ignition Digital DC-CDI
    Starting Electric
    Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
    Transmission 5-speed, return
    Final Drive Chain
    Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual
    Frame type Perimeter, steel
    Rake/Trail 26 ÌŠ / 94 mm
    Model Year 2010
    Suspension, front 35 mm inverted fork
    Features Suspension, rear New Uni-Trak
    Wheel travel, front 150 mm
    Wheel travel, rear 180 mm
    Tyre, front 100/80-14
    Tyre, rear 120/80-14
    Brakes, front Single 240 mm petal disc
    Brakes, rear Single 190 mm petal disc
    Steering angle, left / right 38 ÌŠ / 38 ÌŠ
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,900 mm x 770 mm x 1,060 mm
    Wheelbase 1,255 mm
    Ground Clearance 230 mm
    Seat height 805 mm
    Fuel capacity 7.0 litres
    Curb Mass 114 kg
    Seems like it is CBR150R size - I'm disappointed! Especially when the engine has way less power and the price is 20,000THB higher!
  17. Actually I am the opposite.. If I wanted a full size then I would grab the d-tracker (which still feels under powered for a full size IMO but only ever rode an restricted one) or KLX..

    But I really like the funky little KSR's.. I also love the modding scene they are doing to them, theres some groups and shops on Phuket just for these and I love it when people custom bikes with their hands and imagination rather than buying chrome bits via mail order. However at 6'3" and 105 plus KG's theres no way I could ride one even as a round towner.

    But up the size halfway between the two.. Well then it becomes an option as a wave replacement. Not a serious bike but as something to prat about on, wheelie practice, just a fun bike. OK I am expecting the 125 to be weak, but if they can turn 8hp 110cc KSR's into 22hp pocket rockets, I expect given a year or so on the market there will be all kinds of thai priced hot up kits and aftermarket add ons.

    Also bear in mind there a much larger target market of young 60 kg <5'10 Thai lads than there are 'full frame' ;) farangs. So for the local market, and also as a toy bike, I can really see it. I dont see it as a 'real bike' or anything to do distance or proper dirt on, but as a cut down, cut price plaything. Viewed in that light it works to my mind.
  18. In the photos I've seen of the D Tracker 125 it looks like a full sized bike with a pair of tiny wheels bolted on. Another thing is what's the availability of decent 14 inch rubber ? I was recently reading on a super motard website about a guy wanting to convert a CR80 into a motard, he wanted to change the 17 inch front wheel to a 14 inch to match the rear. The informed opinions of fellow posters was that this isn't a good idea as nobody makes good 14 inch tyres, he'd be better off going down to 12 inch front and rear. Not sure what the stock tyres on the D Tracker will be but if they're any good or someone starts making something good for it I may just do a motard conversion of a 80/85cc small wheeled motocross bike myself, now that will be a real pocket rocket, just about the most amount of grin factor you could have out of a bike I'd imagine, power wheelies through all 6 gears :D
  19. Does anyone actually have a Photo of this Bike to Post so those of Us Who haven't seen it can see what all the Talk is about :?:
  20. Thanks Rex,
    This looks like the KLX 150 they had at the Motor Show end of March, Made in Indonesia. I am still confused of all this Talk about Wheel Size as that one had 21" Front, 18" Rear? In the Photo the wheels look standard size also? Should be a great little bike for a beginner :wink: Just a Budget model, Steel Rims etc but still great Value. 8)
  21. Thanks for posting that useful picture! The guy on it is probably no taller than 5'9", if that, and the bike looks small. It's probably a good city run-about for one rider.
    So they shrank the whole bike, that's why it looked big in pictures with nothing next to it. Made me think it's 250 size with a smaller engine, but it's probably CBR150 size, see the high handle bars. At least it has decent suspension and tires! That's a big plus, but the small engine is a minus, compared to the CBR150, so it should be sold at the same price - around 66,000.
  22. Good pic.. Thanks.

    Yeah its going to be a mid sizer to provide a whole range of ksr / 125 / 250.. Personally I think that makes some sense and can see them selling a bundle to the Thai market..

    Bit small for many of us larger types.. But a possible around towner.

    Will be much more interesting once the Thai modding scene gets thier mitts on em and theres hot up kits..
  23. The price from the Kawasaki stand at CM bike show.
    Dtracker 125
    Klx has 16" &19" rims and Dtracker 14"

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