D-tracker Stopped Twice This Morning By BIB, in Chiang Mai

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  1. Stopped twice this morning at different, in town, checkpoints and both times asked for my bikes invoice. Both times after (quickly) producing both Thai license and green book/registration copy, was told that I could be fined for not producing a copy of my invoice. Both times I was sent on my way with only this warning, though each time I did polity inform the officer that bike was bought new in Chiang Mai and not an import. This morning was a surprise because I haven’t been pulled over in at least 6 months and roughly 10,000kms’.

    Caution out there for big bike owners; maybe this is the start of another big bike crack down.

    Best Regards,
  2. Kevin

    Bike is on your name? i was just wondering why they need invoice if bike is in your name... :shock:
  3. That's was it seemed so weird to me; bike bought new by me, white plate which gets me waved through checkpoints normally. Saw what looked like a Suzuki cruiser twin getting pull aside as I was leaving, otherwise I was thinking they might be targeting rental bikes.

    I was hoping to play on a ABS Ninja 650r this weekend - Do I need a copy of the invoice in that case?
  4. Maybe you shou "Politely" why do you need invoice when bike is in your name?
    Would be intrested to hear they answer
  5. Kevin
    Thanks, but no thanks - Arh!! Getting scary isn't it. I wonder about the legality of it all.
    What next.
    Guess I will take the Dream out today to assess the situation.

    The 25th September amnesty deadline is here??
  6. Let's have a trip report with photos please
  7. Total bs as long as the green book is present you have a totaly legal bike
  8. A green book and insurance and tags is all they can legally ask for unless you do not have one then they can ask to see invoice..thats the word from the transport dept . Those police were either uninformed or looking for teamoney.
  9. I was stopped yesterday on the Ducati near Chacheongsao, showed copy of green book and driving license and was waved on no money paid .. stopped later in BKK showed copy of green book and license paid 300bt for driving in middle lane bullshit they asked 500.
  10. Well I snuck out on the Dream, cruised around town & saw nothing unusual or any police checkpoints. So sorry no photos. :(

    This morning I renewed the rego on my Bangkok plated Africa at the motorcycle rego one-stop office in Nong Hoi, Chiang Mai.

    The rego had expired 10 days ago, but everything was normal
    1. Regular vehicle inspection 60 baht
    2. Insurance renewal 583 baht
    3. One-stop counter to pay the 101 baht tax. Yes indeed: 100 + 1 baht - who gets that extra 1 baht that you get a receipt for? :roll: It's a one-stop 3 step process? :lol: :lol:

    No special questions asked or close book examination for the infamous 3% excise tax on P18? :?

    Life goes on & the AT is ready to roll into Vientiane next week.. :wink:

    Love this country & riding motorbikes here.
  11. David, it's my understanding that you get hit with a 1 baht "fine" for every month the tax is overdue! Amazing Thailand...... ;-)



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