Dave Dirty crashes goes in hospital

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  1. News just in - Dave Dirty, alias DLevedag, is in Lanna hospital Chiang Mai with a broken leg, after having clipped a car doing a U-turn near Chiang Dao yesterday.
    Dave's "ok" with a plated femur, & hopeful of getting out in about a week; but looking at 3 months before he can ride again.
    Get well soon mate.
  2. Hells bells, it doesn't bloody stop does it??? Another one of us down!

    Maybe we should all invest in flourescent orange leathers, flashing lights and some kind of siren to even up the odds a bit when we are out riding!!!

    Get well soon Dave.


  3. I agree Dave,

    I am trying to put as much LED lights on as possible. Any idea of where to get good lights is welcome.

    What about Lights on the helmet ? The higher the better.

    It is just too easy to overlook in bright sun light weak indicator .
    I often switch on all my alarm lights, hoping that this might help.
    Not sure though, if a red stop light is no reason to slow down why ......
  4. Anyone up there tried main beam headlight modulators. They are very effective in drawing the motorists attention due to their strobe effect. Pal of mine in Pattaya fitted them to his LT1200 and states that the difference is impressive - they catch your eye when still a long way off. Can be obtained by mail order from several fims in the US. Just Google "headlight modulators".
    Every little bit helps!
    Cheers - Barry
  5. I was pretty much talking "tongue in cheek" there. Headlight modulators sound interesting and whilst we don't know the circumstances of Dave's smack-up, my observation is that the locals have no concept of speed so think they can complete their manouevre (sane or crazy) before you are occupying their space (if they even bother to look!).

    Driver/rider education for the locals is the way to go but given the current standard of driving on the roads, that would be a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted....

    For the time being, once my bike is repaired, I'll be doing the following in the cause of self-preservation:

    wear decent kit,

    slow right down through villages, especially in rural areas,

    cover the brakes and the horn,

    fit loud pipes

    Attempt to grow 3 more sets of eyes and refine my reaction time to the speed of a striking cobra! :wink:


  6. From the few details I have of this one, don't be too quick to put all the blame on the Thai's. I admit that my accident a few years ago was 100% my own fault also.

    Hope Dave has a speedy recovery and is back on two wheels soon.
  7. Hi Dave,

    Was just generalising with my comments and sure, sometimes "we" are to blame. There are undoubtably skilled Thai drivers and riders as there are also undoubtably unskilled farang drivers & riders - the point of my post was that "it ain't like the West" and we need to do as much as possible to offset the increased probability of taking a hit whilst riding here (but still have a damn fine time! :p )


  8. gws bro..take care :arrow:
  9. Gee, it's certainly getting a crazy world out there

    Might have to start wearing my 'waistcoat'.....


  10. Sorry to hear about this latest accident. I had a similar "off" in August that required pinning of multiple lower leg fractures. The hospital forgot to inform me that an electronic muscle stimulator would be an invaluable recovery aid, as used twice daily it will prevent all muscle loss (atrophy) during the time the limb is immobile. Back here in the Philippines it is standard practise to get you started on it 3 or 4 days post op. They cost around 1500 baht and can be obtained from any medical supply outlet and two 15 minute sessions per day can save months of exercise and pain to recover lost muscle. Possibly this tip might be passed on to Dave as this is an invaluable bit of kit that I wish I had bought months earlier.
  11. Got the call from Dave informing me of his incident on the way to the airport.

    Sorry to hear it dave and best of luck on the recovery. Hope to see you for ski season over here in March.

    Life is risky and occasionally the piper has to be paid. Ita the risk we all take riding bikes in Thailand. None of us are ever happy with the occasional penenace and we all take chances. My hand is in a cast now, Daves leg, our leaders shoulder in a sling earlier etc. Its life and has all brought us plenty of smiles along with the feared pitfalls.

    Once again Dave condolensces for your injury and a speedy recovery for you.

  12. Crikey TJ are you trying to eclipse Miss Pinkeys Pink Tank ? Up until now the tank was the brightest thing on the bike – until I rode it in Phuket that was !!
    Happy New Year to you and Elle.
    Cheers, Peter

    PS. Did you get a sail in Phuket during the Kings Regatta ?
  13. All the best to him hope for a speedy reovery. Maybe the increase in the an mount of accidents we are seeing simply is because we are in the good weather and riding more.
  14. Thanks for the words guys - I read this last week, but had a friends in town so I didnt have time to reply.

    Thanks so much to Dave and Auke for the hospital visit. As well as phone support from Big and Tall.

    Doc says 3 months till I can walk on in -6 before I can ride. 20 baht says I can ride in 3 as I'm already putting about 10% of my body weight on it. I've been drinking my milk and eating vitamin K to absorb the calcium. I'm looking for a miraculous recovery.

    Heres the break

    Heres the fix
  15. That's the spirit Dave!

    Get well soon mate! :)
  16. A base ball bat works, knock off their drivers mirror, obviously they don't need it. Pisses off the driver too.
    Works in Oz.
  17. Dave
    How's the recovery going after you broke your leg again?
    Did you get out of Thailand or not?

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