Denied Entry At Poi Pet From Thailand!


Mar 1, 2018
I intend to enter cambodia on 9th january at Koh Kong and spend about 7-10 days in cambodia on my thai registered Ducati
,, will i have any problems doing this and also how many days will the thais give me when i re-enter 15 or 30 days ?????

My personal opinion, better enter through Osmach

Normally immigration Thailand give 30 days
Oct 17, 2006
went out at Ban Pakkad on Thursday on the Ducati with my mate Alex on his ER650 no problems only took 45 mins for both sides ,, but our other friend with Thai Mazda car needed Thai Miltary premission and copy of Tabien Baan as well as green book so they took 6 hours to process and the military office is 30kms down the road ,,, on Cambo side it only took him 30 mins to process,, its the Thais that are the problem , but now his car is on the database it wont be so bad next time they give cars 10 days max

the 57 highway was ok to battambang where we stayed one night then onto Siemriep for 3 days at the sights and nightlife ,, the highway from battambang to sissophon is being upgraded to 4 lane so its messy ,, from sissophon to Siem riep road is great ,,
we can back to siddophon then to road 59 from poipet to Pailin and baaan pakkad thats a lovely road with interesting countryside

crossing out into Thailand only took 40 mins and we were back in Pratayya 4 hours later last night good journey ,,
and good to know how to get 4 wheel vehicles into Cambodia as well.

my experiences of every journy by bike i have made into cambodia is that its exiting Thailand thats the biggest hassle a few year ago before i went out at Hatlek once refused second time thai side was a hassle cambo side much smoother .


Feb 12, 2017
On July 10, 2017, we have tried in vain to enter Cambodia via Poi Pet using our Singapore registered car, Thai and Cambodia official both warned us before hand, but we still gave it a shot, but failed spectacularly, end up doing a u turn back to Thailand, and up paying 1200 thb for the official to expedite the process of clearance.

Now that I've came across this posting, I'm kicking myself in the butt for not doing more research, and that would have saved me the hassle just by going thru O'smach. GRRRRR!!!!

Gonna give it one more try in time to come, but now that I have changed my SUV, I need to redo the suspension and alignment set up in my SUV to be able to travel overland with all that luggage, tools and spare fuel.