Dgr 2017 - In Support Of Prostate Cancer & Men's Mental Health!

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    DGR (Distinguished Gentleman's Ride). 2017
    The 2017 ride will be this month! On the 24th September

    If you aren't familiar with the DGR by now, it is a charity ride to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer and men's mental health. The full details about the ride, why it was set up and what it's goals are can be read on the gentleman's ride site: Riding For Men's Health

    There are a few locations in Thailand where the ride takes place, including up here in Chiang Mai.
    This year will be the third official Gentleman's Ride in Chiang Mai, and I have been lucky to attend all of them (and shall be attending this year also). Several GT.Rider members will be on the ride as well.
    This year I will be riding an Enfield 500 classic, rented from TBB tours in Chiang Mai, who have kindly paid the money directly to the cause. They did this kind gesture last year also, when I rented a Bonneville from them. Which was a big difference from riding my rather uncool dtracker 250 on the 2015 ride! (see photo above...haha!)

    I will be taking a lot of photos and videos this year, and will do a full write up (including funds raised) after the event which takes place on the 24th of this month (September).

    Here are links to my write up's on the previous years events -
    2016 RIDE
    2015 RIDE

    I also have a kick-ass photo album of last years event HERE
    Video of 2016 ride:

    On a more serious note. This year the event will be all the more poignant for me because sadly, someone who was once was a large part of my life, has recently passed away from prostate cancer, at only 38 years old.
    He leaves behind a wife and a young daughter.​

    So, I urge you to take the time to inform yourself about prostate cancer and to read up on the signs and symptoms. (Cancer Research UK has a list of symptoms: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/ab…/prostate-cancer/symptoms).

    If you experience any of these symptoms, or have history of prostate cancer in your family, then do not let any embarrassment of going to the doctor get in the way. Early detection is extremely important. 1 in 4 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer do actually die from it. I am sorry for the morbidity, but it is important to emphasize the facts and the seriousness of this form of cancer. I have much more to learn about it, but wish to spread the message that you MUST be vigilant about checking, and heeding the warning symptoms of prostate cancer.​

    (The illustration depicting "black man" may seem a little odd (it did to me also), so wish to explain, in case you were not aware. Black men in general have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. I am not sure why this is, but statistically they are higher. So, men of colour must be more vigilant than any other race.)

    I also wish to spread the word that if you would like support prostate cancer research then you can do so via sponsoring me in this year’s ride. (You can do so via the Gentlemans Ride website, where the money goes DIRECTLY to Movender Fund: https://www.gentlemansride.com/rider/zedcm ). It would be fantastic to have more supporters, and truly every little helps! Knowing that i have some support behind me will also help make the ride more meaningful for me.

    If you would like to know where this money will be going this year, you can read about this here: https://www.gentlemansride.com/about/programs-we-fund

    Of course, support in any way you wish, either via sponsoring me, or via other cancer research funds.

    But, most importantly, look after yourselves.

    Wish you all good health and happiness.
    Thank you.❤

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  2. I will be there Zoe! Went Last Year! Quite a few of Our Friends have signed up this Year so I am expecting a much bigger Event! Touches Close to My Heart with two of My 1st Cousins going through it as We speak! Both Brothers and I have been so Close to them since I left School! One is in the Final Terminal Stages. The other Brother I consider My Best Friend in New Zealand! He will have an operation very soon and the Doctors said He is treatable so Fingers Crossed! A Sad Time for Our Family!
    The Statistics of Cancer are really Scary! So many of Us will get taken out by it. I have lost a lot of Friends already! And as We get Older it sure doesn't help Our Chances Ha Ha! See You there!
  3. Oh gosh Ian, I am so sorry your family are going through this. There really is no words. A truly horrific disease.
    Look forward to seeing you and other familiar faces at the event this year.
  4. Thanks for posting Zoe.
    I'm doing the London ride for the 2nd year running. This year I shall be on my beloved 1967 Triumph T100C, the US export version Tiger 500 Competition.
    My father died of it so very close to my heart, and I have regular checks myself as its likely to run in the family.
    Have a great ride everyone..!
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  5. It seems to have affected many, sadly. Sorry for your loss.
    I thankfully have frightened a few of my younger male friends into realising the seriousness of this, when I told them of my ex being only 38.. Not that i wish to be the Harbinger of Doom, but it is important.
    Have a great ride.
    Hope to see some great photos of the event from around the world.
    Would be even better to see some from fellow GT Rider members. :)
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