Don Khong Restaurants

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  1. Pons River Restaurant


    PonsDonKhong-GTR-IMG_6393. Pons River restaurant - Don Khong

    PonsDonKhong-GTR-IMG_6398. Across the street from the Pon River Guesthouse.

    PonsDonKhong-GTR-IMG_6399. The quiet city life of Don Khong outside the restaurant

    There are numerous restaurants, like Pons, alongside the river, but Pon's is always busy, if not full, while the other places have only a small amount of business in comparison. Testimony to both the good food & service you get at Pons.

    PonsDonKhong-GTR-IMG_6400. Pons River restaurant - always got customers.

    Highly recommended & a highlight of Don Khong island for me.

    GPS Waypoint: N14 07.105 E105 51.350
  2. Great to know that Pon's is still doing well ... I am always nostalgic and longing to return to places that I liked! BTW did you replace the fading GT-Rider sticker on the GH entrance door?

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