Dual exit Honda Phantom exhaust?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Tubber, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Has anybody seen an exhaust for a Honda Phantom like the one in the picture below? Or any other non-standard exhaust with more than one end can? Looking for something different as the old exhaust is on its last legs.

  2. Hey Tubber, I have seen a few dual exhausts on phantom's but everyone was just for show, the exhaust gas was only travelling through 1 pipe. Cosmetic value only.

    cheers Ken F
  3. No worries Colin, thanks for the info, at least they were/are available somewhere. I will keep looking around.
  4. That's what I am after, KenYam. Just need to find where they get them?
  5. Most decent muffler shops can custom make pipes.

    How about something like this for your Phantom?

  6. Thanks Colin, will do.
  7. Why not????
  8. FFS Tony, where did you see that?
  9. That beastie was at the Bangsaen Bike Week a few years ago. C'mon! Throw some of those on your Phantom! You know you want to!!! :take-that:

  10. ??? Don't really know what to say to that? Looks like it has been shunted up the **** by a bus. Don't know about a Phantom but that front end might add something to the XJR. They are USD after all. Haven't them guys heard of flex? What happens when you brake or hit a corner? Does look well built, the front end looks clean, no cables or wires showing. If the pipes were normal slash cuts, the bars flat and the rake reduced by a considerable amount it might not look too bad. The engine looks rather small too.
  11. Cheers Colin that looks just the job. In Doha for the next couple of months but I will follow up when I get back. Thanks for taking the time.

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