Ducati Diavel

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Having few time left Friday afternoon I went to the "bike street" in Paris at the Ducati showroom of my friends and discover the Ducati Diavel...

    Impressive, I had the good idea to share few pictures with you.

    IMG01382-20110415-1743. , IMG01381-20110415-1742.

    IMG01379-20110415-1742. , IMG01380-20110415-1742.


    I think this is really The Bike !

    Is it already available in LOS ?
  2. They have it in Bangkok for Sale already. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine called it "Bike of the Century" You can see it on the Bangkok Ducati Site here: http://www.ducatithailand.com/
    Must admit it is a pretty Impressive Devil!!!
  3. Sorry to say but as with most Ducatis i find it very ugly. This bike even more so than their usual ugly lines. Even the 1198 look very old fashion as does their Moto GP bike.
    To each his own i guess
    The only decent looking Ducati is the latest Multi Strada.
  4. Hi Friends,

    To Brian, I will only say, sorry Friend, but "Nous n' avons pas les mêmes valeurs"...

    To Ian, thanks for your answer, at 1 million something TBH, I really wonder if I won't crack and order one, I did not try it yet but it looks fabulous; only issue now for me would be the confort as I have difficulties with my back and I can't ride too tough bikes anymore....

    The Monster is already hard for me to ride as bent on the bike.

    Anyway I'll contact Ducatisti, thanks.
  5. They now have a Daivel Demo bike at the BKK Ducati shop. They have sold about 30 of them so far, and if you want one now, you will probably get it in August.

    I sat on this bike, and found it a bit too small for my 187cm height. It is definately a good bike for a short person who looks kind of ridiculous getting their legs over some of the higher bikes.

    The bike has some pretty slick integrated tail lights/blinkers, and it features a color LCD digital display for engine information. Two models, basic and "Carbon".

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