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  1. Big stab in the dark here but I was chatting with my Thai GF and she was telling me about a Thai guy she knew in Chiang Mai who had a Ducati which she thinks was a 400, She says it was a racing style bike and thinks it was blue and orange. I never even knew Ducati made a 400 but have seen a couple of models online since.

    Just wondered if any members have seen such a bike on there travels in Chiang Mai as it would stick out like a sore thumb amongst the usual Honda Waves etc.
  2. Penn'os to my knowledge Ducati only made a 450 single an thats back in the 70s, she was a hot thumper, one of my faverites.
    Good to hear that your gal has an eye for classy bikes, but you'd hear it befor you saw it!
    Regards Scott
  3. OK guys sorry for the false alarm but seems she hasn't got such an eye for classics after all, she called the guy up and asked him about the bike and it's not even a Ducati but a Gilera, at least she got the country of origin right, a Gilera CX125, so it's gone from being a classic 4 stroke single or V twin to a little 2 stroke screamer.

    The reason for my interest in the bike was she told me the guy had wanted to sell it for 30'000bht having bought it for 60'000bht a few years ago, both of which prices need at least another 0 put on the end if it was a Ducati.

    The Gilera CX125 I've seen pics of is a futuristic looking sports bike with a large fully enclosed plastic body/fairing which looks dog ugly to me and would make a rather unpractical bike in Thailand given the huge problems of getting spares for such a bike when Honda NSR/LS 125/150's are so readily available.

    Scot, I thought at 1st that Ducati never made a 400 but it seems they have actually made a few V twin 400's. Speaking of the 450 single I was working on a guys house here in London a few weeks ago and got speaking about bikes when he tells me he has an old Ducati in his garage, he shows it to me and it's a 1974 350 MK3 with 5000 miles/8000km's on the clock, its not been used or even started since 1977. It belongs to his elderly father and I told him I'll buy it off him, he says he'll speak to his father when he sees him so fingers crossed [:)]
  4. Hi, Maybe your gf doesn't know the difference in bikes but there are, or were two 400cc Ducati's here in town. They are just sleeved down 600cc bikes and are built for thr Japanese market. One of them was for sale for ages. Priced around 60,000 baht but with no registration. Persally, I wouldn't buy one because although they look good, they are a bit under powered. Guess that's alright if you never want to ride very fast........

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  5. I have seen a 400 Ducati in the town a few times but not for about six months.it was a small version of a 900 sport, not a mini 916.Still it looked nice.It was often parked at those second hand shops beside the moat near to the chiang puak turning.I also saw it on the road and a Thai guy was riding it.it sounded fairly quiet.
  6. any word on that duc for sale? if anyone spots it, please let me know, ive been looking for a bike for a few weeks now, and just cant seem to find the one. 400cc is exactly what im looking for, not too concerned about any more power than that. let me know!

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  7. this is funny, I have a Ducati 450 Mk111 single back home in Canada and a Jap Spec Ducati 400cc Monster twin here in Taiwan

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