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  1. First product of the Ducati factory Thailand: The monster 795



    I caught the live stream of the unveiling party in Malaysia. Valentino Rossi was the only good part about it, everything else sucked: Cheesy music; A row of Malaysian VIPs no one's ever heard of boring everyone to death. "Malaysia" mentioned so often I thought maybe the bike is built in Malaysia after all. Etc. Rossi endured bravely, but fled the stage before they could give him his "present" - whatever it was. Thailand not mentioned of course. Reminded my of why I dislike KL so much ;)

    Price TBD but this bike will come in way lower than existing Ducs as it's built in Thailand. Rumor has it many (most?) parts are imported so there's still some tax to be paid.
  2. Here are the prices:


    Multistrada 1200 S / S1,220,000฿
    Multistrada 1200 S / T1,220,000 ฿


    Hypermotard 796 590,000 ฿
    Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP Corse 878,000 ฿


    Monster 796 629,000 ฿
    Monster 796 (ABS) 658,000 ฿
    Monster 1100 EVO ABS 777,000 ฿


    Streetfighter 940,000 ฿
    Streetfighter S 1,150,000 ฿


    EVO 899,000 ฿


    Diavel ABS 1,070,000 ฿
    Diavel Carbon 1,180,000 ฿
    Diavel Carbon Red 1,220,000 ฿
  3. I am sure that Ducati will have BOI approval giving them substantial tax breaks here in Thailand. That's why they come here to manufacture.
    That being the the case, they will have to export all products and re import for the Thai market. I understand that if they could guarantee a certain volume for the Thai market (something like not less than 5% of total production although this may be a slightly lower number) then they can apply to be exempt of the import duty for the Thai market. But they will have to hit the % target.
    I very much doubt that Ducati will sell that kind of volume in what in the end, is a very small market for Ducati, so I wouldn't be too sure of your statement above.
    Here's hoping though for Ducati lovers. Watch this space.......
  4. Hi Bartomeer,
    I am pretty Sure the Price List You posted is the Current one which does not include the New locally produced 795. We will have to wait and see when they start to sell it here and at What price? Now lets hope they make a Hypermotard version and sell it at a lower Price? I would Guess the Thai made Bikes should be around 400 to 450,000 Baht, anything more than that would negate the point of opening the Factory here which was to provide Cheaper Bikes for the Asian Market? Anything less would be just Fantastic and I would imagine a real boost in Sales!
  5. Various people have heard rumors it will be around 400k Baht - at that price it'll sell like hotcakes in Thailand.

    Ducati is betting on a trend that I personally see every day: Thais are buying more big bikes, and the Thai middle class is expanding. As it should be if you look at the GDP growth rates.

    Just now I am in Pai and there's a whole gang of young Thai riders on Ninja 250s and one CBR 250. In a few years they'll be riding bigger, more expensive bikes. It's only going to go up here. The Duc here is made for SEA + India - I am guessing that India has some sort of FTA with Thailand so the Thai factory can serve all those markets at substantial import duty savings over the ones imported from Italy.

    @ronwebb - the question is whether Ducati will pull a Triumph (re-imported bikes at $$$$$) or a Kawasaki (locally built bikes for cheaps). I always maintained that they'd do the latter, and all the rumors seem to confirm it too.

    We will know, at the latest, on December 1st, 2011 when the Monster 795 is officially introduced in Thailand at the BKK motor show. From all appearances, Ducati have *big* plans for the region. There's a lot of ambition in all this, building the factory, building special Asian market models, etc. They clearly expect to sell a shit-ton of bikes. And I think they will.

    Triumph did what they did but they didn't have any plans to sell a quantity of bikes here. They're probably surprised they got such an excited response.
  6. Note that there is not yet a Monster 795 in this price list. This is not the 796. It's a completely new model that has bits from the 696 and bits from 796.

    Hoping for the Hypermotard too but since it wasn't mentioned at all, anywhere, my guess is it will come months later, or even the year after.
  7. A very nice bike and good engine size for Thailand. It was only a few months ago I heard that Ducati was building a factory in U.Thanni and now selling at the end of year ??? This is Thailand can things like this happen so quickly 555.
    I believe I read somewhere that Dom from Triumph also has business interests with Ducati - so why would the import/taxation deal be any different I ask ???
    See a Bonnie costs you 700K baht now - bloody crazy.
    Beautiful elitist bikes only for people who would like to part with huge chunks of money.
    There are always many sides to a story and I apolises for mine.

    Cheers Ken F
  8. Correct Ian, the price list not mentioned the new 795. So we have to wait for that. IMO, not only the price gone be importand but also the dealer network.

  9. Just talked to my friend in the factory. Plant is already up and running, means, assembly started for this one model.
    Pricelist shows the 796, model produced in Thailand is the 795.
    Pricing will be a positive surprise.......more I'm not allowed to say.....
    Introduction/Presentation will be officially announced for next month south of Bangkok, venue is not yet fixed but it could be HH....
    Rgds, Franz
  10. Positive surprise... yes!! :)

    According to the M795 website I linked above, official introduction is at the BKK Motor show on December 1st. Sounds pretty fixed to me ;)

    Heard anything about the Hypermotard?

    Re: Dealers... where is Ducati Chiang Mai, or where will it be?
  11. Nikster, The Ducati Dealer from Udonthani was at the Khon Kaen Bike Party and said Ducati will open a dealer in Chiang Mai this Year but didn't know where or who it was? And I am with You, Bring out the Hypermotard!!! I am sure it will come just a matter of when?
  12. Thanks for the info Franz and Nikster, very surprised Ducati assembly line is up and running already. News on this 795 sounds very encouraging - approx 80 HP 90
    degree twin. A quality bike at hopefully a reasonalbe price inside Thailand and Honda big bikes coming soon as well, what's next, all good positive stuff.
    A new bike purchaser will have many more options in 2012 not only Kawasaki, please more cruisers other than Harleys would be nice too 555.

    Please no more rain, only sunshine allowed and hopefully Thailand may return to normal over the next 4 weeks, who would ever had thought such flooding could happen so quickly and affect such a massive area of the country. H.H. would be safer for unvailing a new bike than poor old wet Bangkok - comeon sun.
  13. I've also heard the 795 will be around the 400k mark. A Hypermotard to follow. Haven't heard anymore about a Ducati scooter. That could have been a little joke by DucatiThonglor. But being LOS, you never know.
  14. Lets hope that the Thai built bikes have steel fuel tanks or they will not be worth buying as Ducati have still not solved the massive problems in EU and even worse in USA with melting tanks and out of warranty legal claims so far 25,000 fuel tanks replaced for free and huge court costs in the USA alone ,and at least 300 in UK, must be more problems in rest of the world ???,the problems are caused by Gasohol destroying the nylon tanks and of course Thailand sells gasohol.
  15. Ken, The Conversion scale says 64 Kilowatt = 85.82541 Horsepower so not Bad! And Hope You are right Rustic Charm, I will wait for the Hypermotard! 400.000 Baht, it will be a Great Bike for up here!
  16. Nik, forgot to mention that the HH event will not be an official one but a 'official opening' with only invited guests and should be before the Bkk-Motorshow and I think for 'brand safety reasons' not at the Eastern Seaboard place.
    Heard some rumours about a big backwheel one and the motards as well....5555555, better times to come once they go full capacity, refreshing for the growing Thai market.
    Now I would just love that someone starts importing the other italian brand with the V-Twins, a Griso on my wishlist 5555 again.........cheers, Franz
  17. A 795 Monster at 400k would be fantastic here but unfortunately this is Thailand and i will believe it when i see it!
  18. Heard 400k from so many different corners now, it's pretty much a done deal IMO. The Hypermotard *should* be cheaper even, since the 796 is cheaper than the Monster - but again we'll see. TIT. It has a comically small fuel tank so that's an issue - but I've also read it's super fuel efficient to make up for that and has an official range of 250 km. That means ~200 if you ride like me :p

    The monster with ABS also has a very small tank, 13.5l (15l for non-ABS). But if it's the same efficient engine it should still be OK.

    Unfortunately the Hypermotard, despite the name, isn't a real motard - it's way too heavy for that.
  19. Hi There

    I dropped in to the ducati dealer in Udon Thani today to enquire about the 795 he the sales guy told my the price will be 399000 baht for the non asb model and they are excpting the first one to be deliviered by the 10th december, i was asked if i would lime to preorder one for december but if i get one i would like the abs version which i was told would be about 20000 baht more expencive. he also said that the first 90 released will only be in red and the other colours may be avaliable around fedauray or msrch of next year

    As i will be in the market for a new bike around april of next year i and so much happier that there are at least one more opition other than kawasaki at a reasonal price here in thailand.

    But the 795 is a great looking bike with some great features as well

    so i will just have to wait and see next year

  20. Umm in Malaysia they are selling the bike for 59,900 mr.. thats 590,000b.

    Would it really be 190,000b cheaper here in Thailand
  21. If the 400,000 baht price is true it will hurt triumph a lot , maybe they will renegotiate a deal on the 675 and bonny models to get a realistic price .the japs will have to respond too , Kawasaki w800 would be a good seller in thailand at 400,000.BMW have big ambitions too they will have to respond also.........
  22. That could be right. The 'taxes' and 'duty' in Malaysia for that price range should be around 200,000 B.:crazy:
  23. One would think, right. I sure hope you're right. Kawa is in a great position to compete. The others - less so.

    As has been pointed out in "that other forum", the ABS option has disappeared from the 795 Monster web page. I am 100% sure it was there at some point so I can only guess there were issues with the ABS and it's going to come later. Hopefully. A bike without ABS isn't interesting to me. Saved my butt too many times already - no going back.
  24. Wow, Great Price! Bring on the Hypermotard!

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