Emeral Cove Bungalows - quiet accomodation at Samui

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  1. Just wanna share with you guys. On our recent ride to Koh Samui (octber 2009) We had checked in to this Bungalow.

    Situated on the southwest tip of the island, almost at the tip of Laem Hin Khom. Assuming you are from the jetty heading south on route 4169, take right just after Ban Saket into route 4170. This road will lead to Ban Thong Krut as well. At the southernmost end look for a small lane on right, Pang-Ka
    Road. This bungalow is alomost 1 kiolometer or so on the Pang-Ka road.

    Rooms are cheap and have a very pleasant atmosphere, situated just beside a beach. Its very quiet. Te: 077334100. GPS coordinates are N09 25.647 E099 56.259

    This one cost 300bh. Bath attached. FAn

    This is a bigger room, 500Bh Fan. Bath attached hot/cold shower

    This the top of line,.. 700bh, air con
  2. It has a very nice scenery. Though the beach is not really suitable for swimming during low tide. But you can walk for hundred of meters towards the water edge when the water is down on a low tide.


    Scenery from Emerald Cove

    There is a better beach if you go further into Pang-Ka road. There another, nice air con bungalows , Jinta Bungalows. Air con rooms and a small pool , cost is 650bhs. Since we came in a group of 15 bikers, the rooms at Emerald Cove wasnt enough for us all, so some of us stayed at Jinta. GPS cordinates for Jinta N09 25.276 E099 56.338

    The pool at Jinta, just opposite the beach. Nice atmosphere

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