February in Cambodia

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  1. Hello,
    New to this forum , but not to Asia. I'll be riding in Cambodia for all of February . I'm renting a bike from Lee at mrbikerental.
    If anyone is around at the same time then I'd enjoy doing a stretch with someone.
    Also, do I really need a GPS ? My budget will just about cope, but I was planning on hiring a guide as and when needed.
    Anyone know if it's cheaper to buy 1 in Thailand than U.K.
    Thanks for great site.


    50 days .....and I'm free again
  2. city-paul
    Febuary is nice month...no raining but dusty :D :D u can rent the bike at Flying bikers shop..the owner is so nice....u can get guide from him..but if u facing any bike problem in combodia just call him his will sent a pickup to catch ur bike..hv nice riding/and safety. bro
  3. I rode remote cambodia last Feb and March.I rode solo.Did not have a gps but ofcourse had maps.Got lost twice but not a big deal.Just back tracked and tried again.Always found my way.I hired a local out of Stung Trang to get me to Tbeng Meanchey.Cost me $25.Probably could have made it myself but would have taken a lot longer.It was worth it even though we did not speak each others language.He showed me some very cool places along the way and I got to meet people in small villages.We took the back way through Chheb Kandal.A great ride!!l I also rented my bike from Lee.Hope to get back there in January.Enjoy yourself.Feel free to reach me if you want any info. ntb

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