First Streetfighter 848 in Thailand

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my new streetfighter. I hope to post alot more of future trips around Asia.



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  2. Hi Mike, beautiful ! Think I saw your bike with a 'don't touch/sold' tag on it when I was at the Pattaya Duc shop 2.5 weeks ago. Would love to have that one too.....many happy kms riding that beauty.........cheers, Franz
  3. Thanks Franz I really appreciate it. I actually got my bike from the Bangkok showroom back in Feb. I did see pics of the one you are referring to in the Pattaya store though also. Maybe I will make it up to chiang Mai soon. Would love some pointers on where to hang out up there.


  4. Welcome & come on up Mike.
    In Chiang Mai city check out Gary & Well at the Euro Diner.
    On the outside of town (north side) a lot of guys hang out & frequent the X-Centre, & start finishtheir rides from there.
    The X-Centre is 20 kms out on the Samoeng Loop, the # 1 100 kms loop ride from Cnx.
  5. Thanks David, I will definately do that. I have been living in Thailand part time for almost 5 years and have not made it up to Chiang Mai yet. I am looking forward to the trip. If you and some of the boys up there are available I would like to add some small day trips around CM with guys who know the territory. I will be back in thailand in about a month. The rain will be an issue im sure but I will try to make a break for it and head north at some point in may or june.


  6. Here is a video of the Ducati 1199 launch party in Bkk. They feature my bike at the 2:05 mark and then end the video with me driving off.. kind of interesting video anyway.

  7. Congrats, what a beautiful bike!

    132 HP and 199kg wet ... crazy! :)
  8. Thanks nikster. She is a lot of fun!
  9. My dream bike! I'd absolutely love one, read a review from MCN recently that said it was amazing, if you make it up to Chiang Rai on your travels please let me drool over it!

  10. Skybluestu, I will definately do that.. hope to see you soon.


  11. Here are a few more pics. The pic with the three of us is the start of our 500km Khoa Yai trip. Great times. I actually lost my camera about a week before this so no pics were taken during the ride. I will have that problem resolved before the next bike trip. I have a Sony Nex 7 on order so I should have no excuses for not having photo's of future trips.

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  12. Who is your photographer? He does a good job! :)
  13. Sorry.. forgot to give props to Pgt066 for taking the pics. He is also the owner of the white Ducati Hypermotard and the black KLX.
  14. the 848 is a much better bike than the 1098 streetfighter as it has a better set up suspension and power is more usable also ergonomics are far superior sale for sale the strreetfighter 848 has sold 4-1 over th1098 version as its a better bike all round I actually know 2 guys in UK who swapped bigger model for the smaller one and 3 guys who test rode both and bought the 848 but none said it was due to cheaper price bu because its a better all round package .I have test ridden both and if i was buying it would be the 848
  15. Yea Monsterman.. i really love this bike. Everything you said about the 848 being head and shoulders above its bigger brother have been echoed in every review i have read and anyone I have talked to. I'm really happy with my decision to go with the 848.
  16. Sweet bike Congrats and enjoy! :happy5:
  17. Thanks TonyBKK. Are you in Bkk full time? Where do you ride normally? Looks like you enjoy some track days. I would be interested in a few laps to wring it out. any info you could send me would be greatly appreciated.
  18. A few more pics from some trips we have been on. I will try to post a proper trip report in the future.

    Attached files 281208=11666-or5%20lake. 281208=11667-original%205. 281208=11668-petes1. 281208=11663-reservoir%20dogs. 281208=11664-SF%20and%20Highlander. 281208=11665-sf%20desktop.
  19. Really nice fotos Mike, where were you heading with all that handsome :oops: riding company :mrgreen: ? Cheers, Franz
  20. Nice Bikes, I am waiting to see if Ducati bring out a Locally Made Hypermotard? A 795 like the Monster for 400.000 Baht, Lovely!!!
  21. Heard there might be an 848 Multi-Strada/Hypermotard on the way soon, now that would be a great bike!
  22. Thanks guys,

    These were taken in khao yai franz. I will post some more from a kanchanabury trip later. Ptg066 and I met the three Thai guys on the way to the park that morning and have been hanging out with them on and off the bikes ever since. Gotta love how bike bring good people together.

    Anyone have something planned any time this month?

  23. i am around for any runs in August my S4 is ready to rock and roll
  24. Hey Monsterman. The group I ride with goes somewhere most sundays. Msg me if you are interested in Joining. It nothing too crazy or fast but always a good time.


  25. On a side note, a reliable source told me DucatIThailand sold 200 bikes last month.

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