Fuel Math (and i suck at math..so only for the pendantics out there..:D)

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ZCM, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Have you ever stopped to work out how much fuel your bike uses? Ie: how many KM roughly you get out of 1 litre of fuel?

    This isnt about being cheapskate (however i do wear the title "frugal" happily).
    Its about curiousity in comparing fuel consumption. Bare with me..

    Over the last 4 years or so i have done many trips around the north (Mae Hong Son loop/doi intanon/Phu Chi Fa/ Mae Salong etc....but on a Fino.

    Now i have a dtracker 250.

    The Fino is a bit of a guzzler (compared to small manuals such as Honda Sonic).

    I use 91 on the Fino, and V-power nitro+ on the Dtracker

    The Dtracker has a 7.7 litre tank, and based on calculations (of course this can vary, so just approximation) i probably get around roughly 15km per litre of fuel (likely less if i were not to use v-power).

    Ive never worked out how much fuel i use on the Fino because it always seemed so nominal an amount. However, now im thinking that i possibly have BETTER fuel consumption with the dtracker than the FINO..and that got me curious. I plan to try calculate how many km the Fino gets out of one litre of fuel...at some point, as a comparison.

    ..anyway, i dont know if this interests anyone..but putting it out there anyway....!
  2. I think you're right about your mathematical ability :p
    My Versys gets around 19-20 km/ litre and I'm sure your Dtracker will do better than that, unless something is horribly wrong.

    Are you saying you can only get just over 100km from a 7.7 litre tank of fuel?

    You should be getting somewhere around 30- 35 km/litre.
  3. Haha ..yep ..its double that per litre. Actually don't know why I wrote 15km. *scratches head*...
    30km roughly per 1litre... D'oh.
  4. As a comparison for your Fino - My Honda Click 125i gets around 38-39 km/litre.
  5. Thanks Captain, that helps.
    GOod to have someone around that has a good head for figures (rather than only an eye for good figures lol).
    At some point ill attempt testing what the fino guzzles. :D
  6. I know that my Monster 750 gets 60mpg if cruising and 55mpg ridden hard i can go 190 miles on a full tank
    my Monster S4 gets 50mpg cruising and 45mpg when the power is turned to warp 9.5 170 miles on a full tank
    my Suzuki GSXR 600 gets 40mpg when cruising (never) and drops to 36mpg when hammered 170miles on a full tank

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