Fundraising rideout (off road and on road options) for poor school nr Mae Na Chon

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  1. Fundraising announcement, including off road and/or on road ride and equipment/toys handover.

    Fri July 26[sup]th[/sup] 2013, leaving Chiang Mai at 10am

    A small (100 children) school in the mountain above Mae Na Chon, Baan Mai Pattana Santi Border control school, this very poor school and village has been on my mind for 2years now, i have visited many times on my off road rides/tours, the school is run by volunteers from the police and army!

    I have spoken to the head teacher on several occasions to ascertain their needs, they have some children that live in a small wooden dormitory that needs attention, new floor etc

    i will open the fund with 10,000 baht donation, they need some repairs to a dormitory as some children sleep at the school, and also they would like 3 computers and some sports equipment and a book case.
    (some soft cuddly toys will always be gladly accepted too) i will not be handing over any money/cash to the school, i will buy the necessary items and deliver them on my truck with the ride mentioned above.

    Road access is possible via the village of Mae Na Chon (26 kms north of Mae Chaem) if anyone wants to come via road rather than off road, the school is situated on a relatively flat dirt rd approx 3kms from the village of Mae Na Chon.

    I will post all pledges of cash on my fb page and also this gt rider forum posting and will also show a running balance of the account and also i will confirm via a post on my fb page (and gt rider) of all money received, this is a totally non commercial event although i will contact my current and past customers to see if they would like to donate!!

    Please feel free to share this post on your fb page to spread the word

    the off road ride will start from canal rd/ Samoeng intersection, 70% off road, it is easy off road but that will depend on rainfall of course, the worst case scenario is we will ride on the poor quality hard surfaced roads to Doi inthanon and Mae Chaem and enter Mae Na Chon from the south, on 1088-1263

    it is approx 3hrs ride either off road or on road!
    please let me know if you would like to donate or offer a toy or other gift, if you prefer to be anonymous send me a pm, i will then post your pledge just showing your initials!

    I visited the school last weekend here are the gps coordinates for the school: N18 40.580 E98 23.909
    any questions please let me know!


    The fund is now at 13,000 baht but with 8 additional offers of donations that need to be added

    More updates and details will follow
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    Good work Alan. Will see you on the weekend to discuss help & input.
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    Alan is off in the bush at the moment, but wishes to provide an update.

    Donations are at 29,600 baht.
    Thanks to Tony Big Bikes (Jeff & Duncan);
    plus Ozzi, Colin, Paul. Robert , Brian, Shannon, John, Marcus and Neil.
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    At Alan's invitation, Chiang Mai ToyRide will also be participating and making a donation to the school. More information here........
  6. Just a quick update, donations are flying in thick and fast, a sincere massive thanks to everyone!!

    please see below a list of the latest donations: total 46,800 baht!!

    great news, tony knowlse from australia has pledged 5000 baht, we visited the school last year together, new total 34,600 baht!! thanks so much!

    [h=5]some great pledges today, 1000 baht from ria wuite-bremer, 3000 baht mike hohman and 6200 baht David Rand and his wife, thanks so much everyone, this will make a massive difference to the children!! new total, 44,800 baht[/h] [h=5][/h] [h=5]Justin sallows has just donated 2000 baht total now 46800 baht thanks so much[/h]
  7. a quick update ref donations
    donations in the last few days!
    1000 bht alex bell, 1500 bht Nettie Nettiee, 2000 bht David Unkovich @ gtrider, 10,000 bht D J apache revolver, thanks everyone so much!

    2 more donations peter 2000 bht and marsel 5000 baht, new total 68,300 bht, thanks guys very much
    this a truly great result and will really make a difference!!!!
  8. Ivan, Mike, Mark and Vinnie, donated 8000 bht thanks guys! new total of 76,300 baht
  9. [h=5]my friend Muay in Bangkok has rallied around her friends and family and have raised money and bought some sports items including footballs, table tennis table and bats/balls, badminton sets and other items, what a great effort, thanks so much, peoples generosity is overwhelming!!![/h]more updates will follow later today!
  10. Last night i received confirmation that The Chiang Mai toy ride charity (CMTR)
    will be donating various sports items, stationery items and also a number of cuddly toys, thanks guys we really appreciate that!
  11. More Details for the charity ride to Mae Na Chon

    Date, Friday 26th july 2013 meet 9am leave 9.30 am prompt

    Meeting start point @ BIG C, hang dong rd, on 108 heading south from chiang mai,
    before the mae hia intersection, just before makro,
    Makro that is opposite Toyoya dealership.

    Meet near to the HOME PRO building in car park
    Time meet at 9 am we will leave promptly at 9.30am


    General info
    3 hrs plus off road
    Easy terrain but will be wet and slippery, not suited for inexperienced as it will slow the group too much!
    via mae wang, mae win to mae na chon, come back different route if not too much rain, via huay kao lip.

    2.5 hrs plus on road
    most of the road is good but section between mae chaem and mae na chon has pot holes!

    Route via 108 to chomtong, 1009 to doi inthanon, 1192 to mae chaem, 1088 and 1263 to mae na chon


    Meeting/rendevous in mae na chon-arrive before 1pm

    Hot coffee resort and coffee shop
    On left hand side 2kms before village of mae na chon, just after the large factory (sweetcorn plant) on the left.

    Coffee and cold drinks will be available here

    Journey to the school-5kms from mae na chon all off road!

    There will be a few trucks available to ferry people to the school, it is accessible by truck but not by normal car, there are too many deep ruts!

    we plan to leave hot coffee at 1.30pm to arrive at the school by 2pm
    the handover of donations etc will last approx 1hr
    there will be cold refreshments and baguettes (ham, cheese) available for all who attend (donated by mamory delicious (next to tonys big bikes)

    Leave mae na chon 3pm-3.30pm latest Return rides to chiang mai

    Everyone should arrive back in chiang mai before dark (before 6.30pm)

    Accommodation in mae na chon
    If anyone would like to stay overnight in mae na chon the hot coffee resort has 6 rooms and there are other resorts in the village with bungalow style accommodation.

    Let me know if you need further information


    more good news today, had 2500 baht donated anonymously, thanks very much indeed! new total 78,800 baht
    absolutely brilliant!!
    and also Chiang Mai toy ride charity (CMTR) have informed me that they would also like to contribute 50% to the dormitory refurbishment and also buy new bunk beds for the children!!!! really really appreciate that guys, thanks so much!!
  12. what the donations/money has paid for so far!

    Refrigerator - 1
    Metal Storage Cabinets- 5
    Renovate the dormitory New floor New wall cladding - 1
    Renovate toilet/shower block Ceramic tiling walls and floor- 1
    Sports toys
    Table tennis table bats and balls -1
    Skipping Ropes 10
    Hula Hoops 20
    Footballs 10
    Basketballs 2
    Hoop 1
    Volleyballs 2
    Takrau Balls 10
    Net/hoop 1
    Tennis Balls 12
    Fusball 5
    Ball Pumps 2
    Badminton Sets 10
    Shuttle cocks 1
    Frisbee 10
    Boules 2
    Muay Thai Equipment
    Glove sets 3
    Hand Held Pads 2
    Blankets 12
    Duvets and Pillows 12

    General school supply's 1

    Mosquito Nets 10
    soft Toys 100
    L’ge umbrellas for teachers- 5
    Childrens Flip Flops 60
    Various Sizes 30
    Baby shoes 6
    Rain Covers 50
    Various Sizes 60
    School Shoes 21
    Wellington Boots 20
    3mx3m Blue Tarps 10
    Garden Tools and Seeds 10
    Uniforms 20
    Metal Bunk Beds (6) and Mattresses (12)
    Sheets for Bed 12
    Clothing Storage Units 6
    Other donations
    Truck and driver 4
    Food and refreshments for the ride day 40(tbc)

    Bedroom storage 4
    Storage boxes 11
    Sports eq’t storage 1
    Shoe rack 1
  13. todays donation-Ron & Ae Shim, 2000 bht, new total a whopping 80,800 bht
    thanks very much guys!
  14. new donations today, the guys and girls at Horizon mobile telecommunication BKK office have donated 4607 bht, Frank Teunan 2000 bht, luke stokes 2000 bht herman scwarzenbock 1000 bht, plus grant chilcott and his wife will be bringing socks for all the kids!!thanks to everyone so much, the new total is a staggering 102,407 baht plus the CMTR contributions!! with a few days left still to the big hand over day i am totally blown away by everyone's generosity and help and support THANKYOU!!!!
    prev donations:
    New donations, Robert and raat straghan 10,000 baht, Glenn Johnson 1000 baht, thanks so so much guys, new total a massive 91,800 baht plus the CMTR contributions!! WOW Simply brilliant!!

    todays donation-Ron & Ae Shim, 2000 bht, new total a whopping 80,800 bht
    thanks very much guys!

    more good news today, had 2500 baht donated anonymously, thanks very much indeed! new total 78,800 baht
    absolutely brilliant!!
    and also Chiang Mai toy ride charity (CMTR) have informed me that they would also like to contribute 50% to the dormitory refurbishment and also buy new bunk beds for the children!!!! really really appreciate that guys, thanks so much!!

    my friend Muay in Bangkok has rallied around her friends and family and have raised money and bought some sports items including footballs, table tennis table and bats/balls, badminton sets and other items, what a great effort, thanks so much, peoples generosity is overwhelming!!!

    Ivan, Mike, mark and Vinnie, donated 8000 bht thanks guys! new total of 76,300 baht
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    Just a reminder for the departure meeting point rendezvous.

    BIG C, Hang Dong rd, on R108 heading south from Chiang Mai,
    before the Mae Hia intersection, just before Makro.

  16. Hoghead

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    We are in Canada now and cannot make the ride but it looks like it is shaping up for a cracker

    Good on you Alan
  17. David Race

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    Hi Robert
    Where are the road riders meeting and what time to go on this run ? as im sure there will laso be road bike riders who dont have dirt bikes wanting to join this very worthwhile cause and run.
  18. SilverhawkUSA

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    @David Race,

    Alan has posted the details which are quoted in DavidFL post above. See post #15. Also post #11. This includes any road bikes that may wish to go. Take note, as stated in other posts above, this will be at least a 3 hour ride one way. We will be riding through Doi Intahnon National Park and down the 'back side' through Mae Chaem. Road bikes will have to be left at the Hot Coffee rendezvous point near Mae Na Chon, and arrangements will be made to shuttle you to the school.
  19. Grubman

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    Hi All

    I will be joining the ride and will be doing the road ride as I do not have an off road bike so hope to meet all and I will be arriving in chiang mai tomorrow Thursday and will be free to meet up for a drink if any one is interested

  20. warren simpson pledged 2000 bht, thanks so much
    robert handley has pledged 1000 baht, thanks robert, also we have had a water filter donated by bernie houlden via, chinese company Tianjin Chun Yuan Long Run Micro- irrigation Technical Co Ltd, thanks guys, new total is 107,157 baht
    and also all but 3 of the pledges have been received, so all in all a very sincere bunch of people you are, thanks again!!!
  21. a quick reminder
    if you are planning to ride either off road or by road (or drive a car/truck) with us to this event, please let me know that you will be attending as i would like to pre arrange the lunch, (fresh baguettes), kindly supplied/donated by mamory delicious just next to tonys big bikes and also i need to arrange enough shuttle vehicles to get the road riders/car drivers to the school, at the moment i think there will be a minimum of 30 people attending,(12 of which will need to be ferried to the school)
    thanks in advance
  22. DavidFL

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    It should also be noted tbat once you are in the village there is NO phone signal. So if you think you can tag along behind & ring in later on to catch.up - you cant. That means riders need to be organised. Be at the rendezvous starting point or at the Hot Coffee 2 kms south of Mae Na Chon as already detailed by Alan. Have a good trip guys & take care.
  23. more donations!!!
    800 bht from horizon communications which takes their total to 5407 bht, 2000 bht Martin Elson (includes 600 bht for klx bike rental) mamory delicious is donating baguettes, a fridge, 8 seats, a psi receiver and dish (worth 5000 baht), a bicycle, a few tables, and a few boxes of kitchenware. 85 t shirts from muay and friends in bangkok), boxes of books and school supplies from Nettie
    thanks everyone so much
    new total now 109,957 baht plus of course the CMTR charity contributions.
  24. late night update!!
    2000 baht pledged by alex brodard plus frank teunan and lighthouse navigation have increased their donation to 4800 baht (2800 bht increase) thats fantastic! so the new total is 115,757 baht plus the CMTR contributions!!
    ozzi donated a further 1000 bht for klx tomorrow, yeeeehaaaaa!

    guys and girls are riding 12 hrs from khon kaen, 10 hrs from bangkok and flying up from bangkok for our charity school event tomorrow, its gonna be a great great day!!
  25. well well well, what to say about yesterday?
    an unbelievable success
    great riding
    great support from everyone involved
    no hiccups
    very well received but i think the kids were abit taken aback by all the big farang and fuss!!!
    the sight when we rode into the school site of all the kids standing waiting for us in their karen smocks!!! bought tears and a lump in my throat!
    the refurbishment has gone well of the dormitory block, the new beds and clothes storage units had arrived as had the refridgerator, the documents storage units and book cases were there too
    we had a tremendous welcome and i felt so proud to be part of this
    a special thanks to every donator and contributor
    to dave early and david unkovich and the chiang mai toy ride charity for amazing support and contributions
    to everyone that made the journey and shared the experience
    to all the drivers(dave, steve,marcus,keith and lucas) for the loan of vehicles and there efforts, it was a long day for them!!
    to nittaya for all the hard work she has done and i know i'm not the easiest person to take instructions from and my expectations are high, she was brilliant
    to zoe for the facepainting, 80 faces in 2hrs!!!!!!
    to herman for donating his klx
    and to muay for bringing the t-shirts special delivery from bkk
    a truly wonderful experience, never to be forgotten
    and to let you all know i will be visiting the school next week and will continue to monitor whats going on there, all the funds have not been used as we are planning to refurbish the toilet shower block and fit ceramic tiles or wash basins to the wash/teeth cleaning area that at the moment resembles a pig trough!!!
    updates will be announced as and when!
    thank you all again !!!!

    update on donations!
    [h=5]adri donated 1000 baht, thanks adri and good to meet you, i hope the africa twin got you home safe! total now 119,757 baht plus CMTR contributions!

    anders blak peterson has donated 2000 baht as we have been sleeping!! thanks my friend new total 118,757 baht yeeeehaaaaa!!!!

    jake kawasaki pledged 1000 baht, thanks jake, new total 116,757 baht plus CMTR contributions, thanks everyone so much, lets get them trucks loaded and rolling down to mae na chon!!


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