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  1. hi fellas, what is the deal with gasohol replacing 95 octane petrol by the start of 2007.? i am in the uk at the moment so am pretty much in the dark about whats going on. does anyone know if there will still be ways to get hold of the 95 stuff or will we all have to convert our engines to run gasohol??
    confused and anxious, gsx-r.
  2. If you check outthe Bangkok Riders web site, there has been a lot of discussion on this, dated around 11th June 2006
  3. thanks john but i couldnt find anything specific for sports bikes, if i am running an R1 or GSX-R 2004 model what are the options, will the bikes run on 91 octane?
  4. In the U.S. 91 is usually the highest available. Your sportbike will run fine on the 91. Of course if you've raised the compression via head skimming or different piston this does not apply.

    Good luck.
  5. thanks man, 91 octane it is then.
    ride on!
  6. Some of the GT Riders with Yamaha TDMs, BMW 1200GSs & Africa Twins have been using gasohol with no problems.
    In many of the smaller upcountry towns it is already a problem to get 95 octane.
    Personally Ive been going for 91 over gasohol, but gashol has gone in & to be honest you dont really notice much difference.
    Now whether they do totally stop supplying 95 octane remains to be seen - this is Thailand & we do get the odd undeliverable promise = no more drugs, traffic jams or prostitution...... the list is endless when you think about it. So I'll believe it when it happens & there really is no more 95 octane. But my money would be on "a delay", if not an about face at the last minute.

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  7. thanks for the info david,if there is a wiser man than u, ive yet to meet him! motozonebkk have also just informed me not to expect any problems with the big bikes,
    ride on!
  8. Well, as expected....a delay / about face of sorts....

    The Energy Ministry has postponed indefinitely its plan to phase out octane 95 gasoline from Jan 1 next year due to insufficient supplies of ethanol, uncertainty over gasohol quality and car manufacturers refusing to guarantee the alternative fuel is compatible with all their models. The Energy Ministry needs to discuss with ethanol producers their supply capacity and the price of the fuel next week before making any further decisions, according to permanent secretary for energy Pornchai Rujiprapha.

    Bangkok Post 19 Oct 2006

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  9. my wife put gasohol 95 in her honda rebel and it ruined the carbs and fuel lines , had to replace all of them.
    harleys are OK , ducati says dont use it, but i am experimenting on my Monster S4.

    use 91 if in doubt.

    On R118, the Chiang Mai - "Chiang Rai" road.
    There's no 95 fuel at the PTT gas station south of town, but the Shell at the North end of town, by the R120 Phayao turn off, has regular 95 octane (plus an excellent air con Black Canyon Coffee shop & restaurant).

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  11. I'm seeing lots of comments about the upcoming E-20 fuel so I assume what is out there bnow is the E-85. What is the difference between the fuels. ?

    Still haven't used gasohol since 91 is still avialable. The dragstar is very happy with that.
  12. Ray,

    For God's sake don't be tempted to put E85 in any of your vehicles - it will knacker the engine as it's my understanding that engines need to be specifically adapted to run this fuel as it's 85% ethanol. I'm sure Hiko will correct me if I'm wrong on this!


  13. So the lesser number the less bio fuel, got it

  14. Yes Ray, the 10 is 10% ethanol, usually called E10, the E20 is 20% ethanol, and E85 is a wopping 85% ethanol.
    As far as I am aware there are no motorcycles that are designed to run on E20 and certainly not on E85.
    I have no worries about putting E10 in my FJR1300A, my BMW 650GS, and ocassionally also in my old carburettor equipped Yamaha 250Raid.
    Also our Nouvo Elegance has only run on gasohol E10. None of these machines have shown any performance difference or any ill effects from E10. I am keeping a careful eye on the 250Raid, to see if it is affected, but no problem yet.
    The gasohol name, (gasoline with alcohol) was first given to represent the E10 blend and really should only be used for that, but some people and garages are using the gasohol name for all the blends, 10, 20 and 85.

    In summary I am happy to use E10 and save money,with no obvious disadvantages, but I would not put E20 or E85 in any of my bikes or in my car.
    Some car manufacturers are listing their newer models as OK with E20.
  15. Ok so what is it we see in the market now E-10?
  16. Ray,
    I guess you are asking whats in the petrol stations now.
    E10 both 91 and 95 are available in most stations.
    E20 is available in some stations in Khon Kaen, not sure if that is 91 or 95, as I never use it. In Khon Kaen the E20 replaced the 91 tamada, or normal non gasohol fuel, and these stations do not sell 91 any more.
    A few stations have E85 available.
    Thats what I see in Khon Kaen and surrounding area. In the small country stations sometimes not even any gasohol at all, just 91 tamada and diesel.
    Where E20 and E85 are available, it is always as well as 91 or 95 E10, so you are never forced to use them.
    There are also biodiesel, diesel and lpg gas available, but I guess we have no interest in them.
  17. I haven't used any yet that I know of. But they are pushing the heck out of this E-20 idea. Maybe oil will fall enough for them to back off for a while.
  18. Out helping a friend by a scooter, noted on the sales blurb for the new Honda Clik I which is fuel injected, that they are now listing Gasohol E10 AND ALSO E20 as suitable,
  19. Interestingly enough the guys on here gave me the right direction on the 400 dragstar and it fits my needs now. So I'm in no big hurry to go tosomethign new. But I think they hand writing is on the wall and fuel injection will defiently be a part of the world in the future.

    But I will resist as long as possible lot KLMS left in that old girl :wink:
  20. The Shell petrol station in Hot, on R108 "90" kms west of Chiang Mai has 95 benzene for sale.
  21. In Chiang Mai the Shell petrol station on R108, 1 kms past Tesco-Lotus / 2.2 kms from the inner ring road R1141 by airport Plaza has 95 Benzene.
  22. In "Mae Chan", the Cosmo petrol station on R1089, the Mae Chan - Tha Ton road has 95 Benzene.
    The Cosmo is 3.4 kms down R1089, from the superhighway R1 Intersection.
  23. My wifes new Honda Airbade is E20 compatible.
  24. Thank you DavidFL for the 95 updates.

    In Chiang Mai on Nawarat rd, there are two Shell stations. The one closer in to the old city from the Arcade Bus Station has 95 benzine. The one closer to the SuperHighway does not...
  25. On R107 near Mae Taeng (south of Mae Malai?) there is supposed to be another Shell that has 95 Benzene too, but I'm not exactly sure which one / where.

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