Good coffee bean on the way to Pai

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  1. This is a quote from the ThaiVisa forum on where to get good coffee........... for anyone who is interested in such essential as good coffee.
    I will go there myself soon, perfect reason!

    jayjayjayjay -- 2012-01-03 12:45

    Over the break I visit my friends 70 rai block of land in BangLan Village 37 km out of MaeMalai on the road to Pai. He has imported newly developed Arabic as his main coffee plants. The Thai Arabic is all stemming from the same original route stock, so is lacking some variety. He is now harvesting and processing the coffee in-house under the brand name Hi Coffee. Udom does all the processing inhouse for drying, dehusking and curing of the coffee with extreme care taken to keep temperatures within what we would consider a western set of specifications. The coffee beans are light brown as apposed to the dark burnt coffee beans you get in the wider available commercial packs. As a result to coffee has an astounding natural creamyness to it, and the aroma is something to die for.. His production is limited, but is growing from season to season.. pardon the pun..

    You can see his website here (I'm not sure of the forum rules but here is the site)

    http://www.baanpangl...m/about-us.html (http://www.baanpangl...m/about-us.html)
    PS Pico link doesn't work
  2. Thanks for the heads up! i'll definitely check it out.. Can't have enough of good coffee!! :)

    Continuing on the coffee-recommendations;
    I have to add Pong'nNess (spelling?) down the soi from "The Kafe" in CNX.
    It's a small stylish, quite newly opened place, run by Khun Pong and his girlfried Ness and they serve up some really stellar cups.. Just visit to check out their machine is well worth it imo.
  3. you mean the tiny Soi left from The Kafe leading off the main road?
  4. Yes, Continuing round the corner of The Kafe down the soi off the main road (moon muang?) just a few steps. It's just a small place with a few seats inside and a small yard with a couple of outside tables, and VERY good coffee!! :)

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