Got me wheel balanced in CM !

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  1. The Yamaha bike shop next to Central has a wheel balancing machine ! Took my rear wheel with new tyre attached (not Yamaha) to their workshop the other day and while I watched it was properly attended to. They also have a pneumatic tyre fitting machine which I might try next time. Great service and ever so friendly and polite. Made my day.
  2. When I was there, the young salesman (sorry forget his name, but a smashing fella who seems to know his stuff, also rides an R6) showed me around the workshop, must admit I was some what impressed, he also said they are getting Arai's and protective clothing in, but could only show me a brochure at the time.

    Good things are starting to happen for us big bike lovers in LOS, especially in Chiang Mai :D
  3. Yep the Charoen Motor Yamaha guys are hard at it, trying to develop & look after the big bike market here. 3 Cheers for them.
    And yes they are stocking Alpinestars gear: ... t3797.html
  4. BUT, when I enquired about a Yamaha PW50 for my boy they were very unhelpful to say the least.
    The opposite of "hard at it" I'd say.
  5. Talking about balancing tires - how necessary is it really? In the US or Europe no decent shop would install new tires without balancing them, but in TH lots of things seem to work just fine without the farang-style paranoia - like indoor electric cables hanging outdoors from tree to tree...
    Got new Dunlops spooned on and the guy said balancing isn't necessary, probably because there's no balancing machine in this town. Just line up the yellow round stamp with the valve and everything will be fine, he said.
    He did it and he's right - up to 150 km/h no probs, and faster my bike can't go. The little lead weight is still in its old place.
  6. I have had the same experience with a BMW1150GS in the Philippines. Replaced both front and rear twice and simply lined up the yellow spot with valve and absolutely no shakes or weaves throughout the tyre's working life. And yes, the original lead weight remained in situ the whole time!
  7. I have been fitting tyres for over 20 years and upto about 4 years ago, always balanced them.
    Since then, every one I put on the balancer has not needed balancing.
    I reckon the tyre manufacturers have really sorted it.
    Some good tyres don`t even have lining up dots anymore, they are that good!
    Hope this helps.
  8. I always balance mine statically. Regardless of the brand of tires, they usually require 20 grams or so to get them in balance. This is on Suzuki cast wheels.

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