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  1. Hey,
    I have done alot of research online regarding dirtbike hire in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There is alot of info out there - good and bad, i was wondering if any experienced riders/travellers could recomend some no bullshit, well maintained and serviced, friendly dirtbike hire shops.... We are looking to hire the bikes(honda baja 250's or similar) for +- 3 weeks,roughly about from the 10th of december to the 29th. We are looking to see as much of cambodia as possible, whilst still enjoying the scenery and not rushing. I have bought my own helmet and boots here in Australia. Would the more experienced riders advise buying the whole package - armour etc... Ive heard it can get extermemly hot and uncomfortable. I was going to just go in shorts and shirt with decent boots and helmet from Oz... is this foolish?

    Any advice would be sincerely appreciated :eek:

  2. Hi the best place is by by Bernard on street 302 close to Monivong. U need to book ahead as his bike in high demand. He charges more than other but u get fully reviewed bike in good shape. Look on google for red raid . Ph
  3. This place is good. Tony really knows his bikes and riding in Cambodia. Yes my friend,riding in shorts is foolish.
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  4. Gday Chris

    Was wondering if you had any luck in getting the Bajas in PP?? Going over in August and am in the same boat as you are.
  5. Gday Dunlop, did you have any luck finding a good hire place? going myself in August
  6. Any feedback? Did you find something / somewhere that was good..
    Thanks in advance for the report.
  7. Hi David,
    I hired an XR250 from "The Bike Shop" in Phnom Penh for a week in January 2014. I and was very happy with the bike it was well maintained and had heaps of power, I requested a rear tyre with more rubber and they obliged no problem, $US30 per day, expensive but I was riding on my own and the last thing I need is for the bike to fail.
    The address for those who want it is 31 Street 302, Phnom Penh. N11 33 08.6 E104 55 18.1Cheers
  8. Lucky Lucky motorcycles on Monivong hires, rents, sells, repairs and will get you a Camboida drivers license pus visas.

    Very good people and will have all the up to date info

    There is also a shop on street 51 (near the walkabout) that has off road bikes
  9. hidden moto rental at yahoo dot com

    located at the riverfront area.

    they are at #33Eo, st 130,sangkat phaser Kendal i

    tel: (855) 66 665 675

    hidden Cambodia in Siem reap does rentals also- xr250,400,Wr250

    more importantly, where can I hire an xr400 in Chiang mai ?

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