GT Riders get together in CNX?

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  1. It appears that some guys are planning trips to CNX in December for the Bike Week and trips.

    We (Eastern) are coming up and will be in CNX on the weekend 5th. and 6th. December. We are: myself, John Gooding, a couple of Thais that ride with us on our trips and maybe Marco and maybe Franz.

    I know Ray23 and some of the Isaarn boys are coming up there as well.

    So, how about we meet up at the Bike Week and/or Triumph birthday party?
    Of course the wearing of the GT Rider T-shirts should be mandatory!!!
  2. Peter

    I'm planning to join, how ever no T-Shirt yet..LOL

    I have your route planner and I might i tag along with John in KK and we come from there,,(If john accept me :wink: )

    Is there any one else who might be coming from Ubon, Yaso or Sisaket direction?
  3. Hello to all,

    I am planning on going to Chiangmai around the same time frame but I'm leaving from Bangkok.

    Is there somewhere we could meet along the way or if not and I am invited I could possibly go to Korat and meet up if thats along the way for all of you.


  4. Hi Marco,
    Always happy to ride with you of course. I will be leaving Khon Kaen afternoon of Sun 30th Nov, to have an easy ride over Kao Yai and get to Petchabun to meet Peter and the rest before dark.
    Khundan, maybe Peter will answer you, but he is riding from Pattaya on the 30th, from Petchabun we will be going to Tak on the 1st Dec, (maybe a meeting place) and then taking a few days to get up to Chiang Mai via Mae Hong Son etc. cheers, John
  5. If I am still here I will be riding up from Sakon Nakhon but riding back for Sakon bike week on the 5th. Anybody else going from that area?
  6. As John stated we are leaving on the Sun 30th. Nov for a night stay over in Petchabun.
    Mon 01st. Dec = Petchabun to Mae Sot via Tak.
    Tue 02nd. Dec = Mae Sot to Mae Sariang staying 2 nights for a side trip to Doi Inthanon.
    Thu 04th. Dec = Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son.
    Fri 5th. Dec = Mae Hong Son to CNX staying 2 nights.

    We will then return via Mae Sai, Golden Triangle, Chiang Khong, Nan (2 nights), Loei and breaking up for home.

    We can meet somewhere on the route or in CNX.

    Hey Ray23 how about we meetup with you guys in Mae Hong Son or CNX?
  7. John

    Have you got any one else intrested to leave from your side at 30th?
    So if you are leaving afternoon,,,any specific time table, so i can make plans when to leave from my house,, i plan to have around 3hrs to you and maybe 1/2h stop there before we continue....

    any one else from Ubon, Yaso, sisaket direction?

    i met one lad actually saw his BMW Hp2 in hotel in bkk, try to contact him and hotel staff crew up everything by mixing all messages, any how i left my card to him and he called back,, his name is Alex from Swiss and he is bulding house to Surin and he is rider,,after talking to him abt 1h20min on the phone he told me that he has been riding almost all the deserts on this world(i might be mistaken in ALL-word) but most and seems to be keen to join so i'll see if he is free, i also told him to join the gt-page for more info...

    So let me know your time table and i'll be there on time
    any one who wanna join please let your voice heard or meet us in KK or ont the way,, just tag along if you see us passing by....
  8. Hi Marco,
    Been away selling and buying bikes, so missed your post.
    From Khon Kaen Petchabun is a pleasant under 3 hour ride.
    Will plan to leave at latest by2.30pm. The last 40km is easy straight road from Lomsak to Petchabun and can be done in the dark OK if neccessary, but leaving as above will arrive in daylight.
    If you get to KK earlier I will be ready and happy to leave earlier.
    If you arrive by 1pm we can get lunch together before departing. So I am quite flexible, as you have a lot further to travel.

    Possibly one other guy joining here, but I am not to sure will happen

    Look forward to seeing you on the 30th. John
  9. Guys, I will be up there from Friday 5.12. late evening until Sunday 7.12. I'm planning to bring the Yamaha-SRX4 up to CNX as the AX1 is getting to small and slow for me. Last weekend I put the serviced engine back into the frame, still way to go but I will finish in time. Will ride her up the diretissima and fly back on Sunday, remember I'm still working my a.. off. So some beers & Thai goodies I'm gonna share with u that's for sure, wouldn't miss this thick concentration of GT Riders !!!!!! :p Let's see, brekkie at The Kafee, ride, coffee and icecream at the X-Centre, ride, dinner & beers at David's always plentiful places, not to forget the place where his G/F sings. Ahhh Khun Maew, how's the KLR doing ???? :wink:
  10. Madam's doing fine & very happy with the KSR, maybe riding it to Chiang Dao for Sunday's charity give away. But then again it's 65+kms

    Will organise a GT Rider get together 1 night somewhere - Kafe or X-Centre - Fine Thanks - for bike week.

    Fine Thanks could be very inviting for some
    But let's wait & see how the next 2 week's pan out, as there's an awful lot going on & being planned.
  11. John

    As it shows by now im free as a bird, got maild from my place that im laid off NCL cut's man power,,so i might leave around 6am, so i should be there by 9,just to make it easy ride from there and no need to be rushed...
  12. Hi Marco,
    Commiserations or congratulations on the work news, not sure which it is as I know you were looking for a move.
    Do not worry about leaving to early, maybe 7am would be fine, as little to do in Petchabun, and the others are not likely to arrive before late afternoon.
    Maybe meet at the same petrol station we met last time. Now called Jiffy (was Jet). Or you can find the entrance to our estate at N16.40604 E 102.83948. Cheers John
  13. Thx for coordinates, and i will drop directly to your front porch...

    6am was check if you are up so early,, i mostlikely leave around 7am as there seems to be no one from here so it will be solo ride to you.

    Edit: John according GPS it's only 214.8Km from my home to you and 2h42min driving, so with bike can 15min shaved away.
  14. OK guys we are setting off on our trip to Chiang Mai on Sunday 30th. Nov.

    That is myself, John Gooding and Marco with 3 Thais.

    We will be at the Chiang Mai Bike Week on 6th. Dec.

    Please give me a call and we'll meet up at the Bike Week venue.

  15. Hi Every one

    As per now, John is heading via BKK and im heading via KK to Phetchabun, if there is any one who wanna join me on this part let me know.
    I plan to start around 8am Sunday 30th Nov from my home (Khueng Nai)HW #23 towards to KK and from there to Phetchabun.
  16. Proposed get together
    The X-Centre
    1PM+ Saturday 6th December

    This allows time for riders getting into town on the 5th.
    Eat, drink & talk bikes sociably most of the afternoon.

    Saturday evening go where you like:
    1. The Triumph Anniversary Party on Nimmanhaemin Road
    2. The Chiang Mai Bike Week Party at Srinart Hotel on the canal road, R21 south of Chiang Mai.
  17. Guys I will be up there too and come to the X-Centre, as no flights are going out I will have to make a quick dash to CNX on the FJR as I might have a meeting in Lamphun on Monday 8th. I'm not sure wether I leave on Fri 5th early morning or Thu 4th late afternoon. Will post later once I know for those who leave on Friday ex Bangkok. Cheers, Franz
  18. Hi All!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in Chiang Mai!

    I know that KHUNDAN had been organizing a ride from BKK to CM, leaving from the Beverly Hotel on Ratchadapisek at 0700, but I haven't heard any updates recently.

    I'm for sure going up, along with my wingman Trent and a new guy we met at the Bangsaen Bike Week.


    This is KHUNDAN's baby so he get's to decide the meeting point, but if I might suggest we move it across the road to the Emerald Hotel, that at least will have us pointed in the right direction to escape the Big Smoke and will save us the minor hassle of having to U-turn on Ratchadapisek.

    Of course it's really no big deal one way or the other, but having suffered Bangkok morning rush hour on the Iron Butt Massacre I'd really like to avoid a repeat and get out of the city as quickly and as early as possible.

    I'm not sure where the X-Centre is in Chiang Mai but imagine it can't be too hard to find. Got a hotel stumbling distance from the Kafe so that will be convenient.

    Where can I get my hands on a GTR T-shirt? Can I buy one while I'm in CM?

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    Happy Trails,

  19. The X-Centre is out at "Mae Rim" on R1096, the Mae Sa Valley Road, 2 kms from R107.


    GPS Waypoint: N18 55.319 E98 55.462

    GT Rider shirts ... t2092.html
    you can get from Mr Mechanic next to the Kafe. But I will bring some out to the X-Centre on Saturday.

    If you drink too much at the X-Centre the Ambassador will always provide a bus to run you home, so you don't crash into the sign of his business rival 200 metres away, like someone did before.

    Take care & have a safe ride up Tony.
  20. Cheers David! :D

    I'll pick up a GTR shirt at Mr Mechanic then and I'll see you at the X-Centre on the 6th! Drink too much? burp.gif Wow you can see the future! How cool is that?! :mrgreen:

    Happy Trails,

  21. Morning Guys

    Just a quick update,, we( Dougal,John,My self and 2 thais+1missus) are in DK hotel in Mae Sot, today heading towards Mae Sariang, So far it has been fantastic drive and looing forward next few days.

    And We might arrive to CMX bit later than 1pm,but talked that last night that we will drop by in X-center as soon we are there.
  22. It has been worthwhile to hang around in CM.

    1. to be in a decent hotel during unbearably cold nights .......for a Phuketianer.
    2. Joe made some important improvements to the fork of my Silverwing

    Now I dont know what to do. Is it worth to take part in the bike week? cannot be reached.

    Or go up North? Would want to stay in nice hotels , not in bungalows with no insulation and no hot water.

    I am not a sufferer :)

    Pico 081084 22 45
  23. PICO-PICO, CNX is ALWAYS worth a trip !!!!! Plenty of Hotels and Guesthouses around, I liked the little way-off the beaten track "Green Lake Resort" on Jalprathan Road on the way to the new '700 Years' Sport Stadium, run by the army, safe and clean.

    Guys in CNX, I'm very sorry but I can't make it to CNX due to shorttime notice of the company and some problems here to solve but I will be up there from 27th Dec. until 7th of Jan which I'm really looking forward too.......cheers, Franz
  24. Hi Pico,

    You've got a little typo in your link- that's why you can't reach the Chiang Mai Bike Week Website. Try this:


    I love the cool weather- finally I can wear a proper leather jacket! 8) I've never been down in a mesh jacket and I'm not quite sure I trust it to hold together in an accident.

    Plenty of fine hotels and resorts in and around Chiang Mai with nice warm blankets and friendly Chiang Mai lovelies to keep you warm on those chilly nights :D

    Happy Trails!
  25. Oh - that's too bad Franz, I was looking forward to seeing you!

    After the Bike Week I'm taking the family to Europe for the holidays and we'll be back late January. Hoping I can get my hands on the new ER-6N when I get back. That will be my Christmas Present to myself :wink:

    Happy Holidays and Warmest Regards,

    Tony, Nong and Little Mir

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